Sunday, March 9, 2014

five months

January ended up zooming by, as I finally went back to work!  So here we are again with another month birthday!  At five months, Elsa tolerates tummy time so much better these days & props herself up on her elbows.  She plays for awhile now before getting frustrated.  :)

Elsa tried Aunt Gretchen's jumparoo & really likes it!  She even gets some air!  She's beginning to like bath time more!  Yay for smiles!  She lets me clip her nails if her brothers dance & sing to distract her.  :)  Elsa can hold her weight on her legs in I help her stand.  She can't quite balance enough to sit unassisted, but enjoys sitting in the bumbo or sitting up with our help.  

Elsa tries to make more sounds: "mamama", "ba", "ga" & blows "raspberries".  She squeals when she's happy but still doesn't laugh much.  She yells & screams very loudly when she's upset!  Elsa loves when Memaw puts ice cubes in her mesh teether!  Yummm!

Lately, Elsa goes to bed without much fuss, but wakes anywhere from 2-10 times at night!  She sometimes just needs her pacifier ("tutti") & teddy, but lately won't calm down unless Mama feeds her.  Mama & Dad are tiiiiiiired!  :P

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