Sunday, March 9, 2014

happy half birthday elsa!

Is it truly possible?!  Our baby girl is 6 months old?!  Ridiculous!

What a blessing she is to our family.  At six months, Elsa is still not sitting up unassisted, but can roll all over.  Her first tooth came through on March 7th!  She's tried a lot of different foods: avocado, brussels sprouts, cucumber, carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken, green peppers, applesauce & noodles.  We're giving Baby Led Weaning a shot, hoping for a brave eater!  ;)  She tried cheese, but had a fussy evening afterwards, so we're not sure about dairy.  It also happened to be the same day as she had received vaccinations, so she may have been reacting to the shots.  Otherwise, she's had no reaction to the foods we've tried & is getting pretty good at getting food into her mouth.  Now we just have to work on chewing & swallowing!  :P  Hopefully, her new tooth will help with the chewing part!

We're loving this sweet, smiley stage & have even tickled a few giggles out of her!  Elsa is a generally happy baby & a generally good sleeper.  She loves watching her brothers & has a knack for grabbing onto their hair/faces/clothes & not letting go!  :P  I'm quite sure she'll be chasing after those busy boys in no time!

Here are a few photos that I shared on Instagram. Sometimes I get the best expressions with my phone camera. It's usually close by. ;)

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