Saturday, March 29, 2014

seven months?!

That last month went so incredibly fast!  Unbelievable!  Our baby girl is 7 months old!

Elsa has almost mastered sitting up.  She *can* do it for a really long time, but she also can flop over at any moment.  :P  She eats breakfast, lunch & dinner with us, as long as she's not napping, & is getting the hang of feeding herself.  She really likes most of the foods we've given her & especially seems to like meat!  :)  

Elsa babbles & makes all kinds of noises, screeches, screams & almost laughs.  We can barely squeeze a belly laugh out of her when we tickle her, but she resists like a pro!  She's pretty easy going, for the most part, but will certainly let us (& anyone around!) know if something's wrong.

Elsa falls asleep well at night, but often wakes a couple of times throughout the night.  She often just needs her pacifier replaced, but sometimes will only settle down if I nurse her.  The last few nights she has slept through her "4 am feeding", making her parents very proud.  ;)

Elsa has always been fond of her brothers, but she really seems to listen & look for them these days.  She whips her head around to find them, if she hears them running through the house.  She gives huge grins & squeals, when she first sees them in the morning.  Elsa loves those boys!  The feeling is definitely mutual; her brothers still cannot leave her alone.  :P  

We all agree that it's so cool to have Elsa in our family!  :)

You can see the monthly photos I've taken by clicking on the links:

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