Wednesday, March 26, 2014

phone photos

 I take the majority of my photos on my phone & share them on Facebook & Instagram.  I take hundreds a month; it's ridiculous!  I don't want them to just fade away or disappear into the depths of the internet, so I've got to include a few here...

Finley got a magic kit from his school's book fair.

 Elsa's #1 fan!

 I think she has my eyes.

 Silly smirk.

 Our February snow storm!  No complaints from this family!  :)

 First grade homework.

 Her toes are easiest to get when she's getting her diaper changed.

 My blessings.

 Such a good sport.  I made him strike a manly pose while he was working on chopping up the branches that had fallen from the ice that followed the February snow storm.  Was that a run-on sentence? :P

 Wearing a vintage bonnet that my mom wore when she was a baby.

 Sitting with pillows to prop her up.  :)

 Two out of three of us enjoyed the bright sun!

 "Helping" Uncle Aaron at the Grace Community Preschool board meeting.

 Elsa gets to come to work with me on my prep days.  My co-workers thought she was pretty cute, trying to get my coffee cup.  :P

 100th day of first grade!

 All dressed up for Harriet's baptism.

 Borrowing our neighbors yard for a lovely backdrop!

 These boys become creepy creatures whenever rose thorns are available.

 Despite the grim expression, Cedar has a lot of fun playing along.  :)

 Donning a vintage 1975 dress, previously worn by Elsa's Aunt Becca.  :)

 Just this.

 "Helping" Mama with diaper laundry.

 Such a lovely visit with my long time friend, Ben, & his wife, Kewalin (pronounced Gay-Wa-Leen).  

Prescott & Cedar are about 7 months apart & great friends.  Such lucky boys, to get to live next door to each other.

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