Sunday, March 9, 2014

four months old

At Elsa's four month well check, she weighed 12 pounds, 14 ounces (21st percentile) & was 25.25 inches long (81st percentile).

At four months, Elsa has discovered her toes & strains so hard to reach them!  She can get a hold of them, but needs help getting them to her mouth.  :)  Elsa likes to talk & blow when she has something in her mouth.  It kinda looks like she's playing a trumpet.  She rolled from her back to her tummy & from her tummy to her back.  

Elsa vocalizes & sings when we pat her lips.  It's a fun game.  :)  She comes to work with me on Fridays & plays with her friend Edison.  They trade toys & grab each other.  All of my co-workers love getting a quick baby fix.  :)  

Elsa likes her soft teddie/blankie while she's sleepy.  She rubs it against her face & seems to be soothed by it.  Elsa also enjoys her play gym, crinkle toys, her vibrating bug & taggie blankies.  She chose a Finnish Marimekko bottle & doesn't drink from any other bottles.  Mummi had to order another one from Finland. Elsa also likes her milk extra warm!

We've had such a wonderful time getting to know this sweet girl.  Can't imagine life without her!  :)

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