Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Yumm...stuffing & candied yams! My favorites! Along with pumpkin pie...& mashed potatoes & gravy. Our little family was actually just recovering from a stomach bug. No fun! So eating was a little bit tough. But we did enjoy our first real meal after being sick. Unfortunately, Kenton's mom got the bug just in time for the big day. So, she stayed home & we ate dinner at Kenton's grandparent's house with his dad & brother, Brian. We love having his family in town! It so great to see them so often. Plus, we get to celebrate all of the holidays with them too!

Finn liked the turkey, stuffing, & sweet potatoes, of course! He really enjoyed the little tastes I gave him of pumpkin pie! Yumm!

A semi-blurry family shot...I think everyone is looking in the general direction of the camera. We had 3 cameras on timers taking pictures at the same time. So it was a little tricky figuring
out which one to look at first. :)

Erik came down from Seattle & everyone was able to be together for the Hecht family Thanksgiving dinner, though we did miss Celeste. My stomach wasn't ready for round 2, but we enjoyed leftovers with my parents & Erik today. We actually had leftovers with Kenton's mom for lunch too! Spreading out the holiday celebration...

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Carolyn said...

Your Thanksgiving looks lovely! We had great food both last saturday and on Thanksgiving day. It was also great to talk to you!