Friday, November 30, 2007

So fun.

So fun to get a package delivered...even if it was full of gifts for Finn. :) Kris, Samantha & Charis sent some birthday gifts for Finn. When we woke up from his nap, Kenton helped him open the box. He really is interested in taking things out of containers right now, so he was excited to find his presents! :)

Here is his first reaction to a scarf that Sam knit. :) He ripped it off pretty quickly.

After Mama modeled it for him, he was way more interested! I'm not sure if he's really worn a scarf before, so he must have been confused...

His favorite was the touchy, feely puzzle.

It apparently tasted good too!

Thanks guys! So cool of you to think of Finn even though we're so many miles away! He's having so much fun with the new toys. And the book was a least for me & Kenton. Finn doesn't really get it yet! Though he did think my fart sound effects were pretty funny. ;)


Gretchen Ruddick said...

That sounds like such a funny book! What a perfect gift for a BOY (:

Samantha said...

Well, I had to get Finn something really boyish :) Since you guys got Charis a pink (very girly) doll on her 1st birhtday. Love you guys!