Tuesday, November 20, 2007

pre-wedding fun

Here are some pictures from our trip to Sacramento & Berkeley. I'll try & post them in come kind of order & group the pictures together by days or events. We had a lot of fun & are very happy to be out of the car. That was a long long drive...for all of us. :)

Finn's first taste of an In-N-Out cheeseburger. Not impressed. I don't know whose kid this is...cause we were so, super excited to see that our hotel was on the same street as an In-N-Out. Unfortunately, we only ate there once...

We took a little walk around our hotel. There was a little path that led to a creek & supposedly a waterfall. I was in flip-flops & there were pokey bushes, so I never actually saw the waterfall. But we took cute pictures!

Eight Teeth! (One is still hiding a bit)

Grandma Outi, Pappa Kevin, Great Aunt Sharon, Great Aunt Jennifer, Great Grandmother Marylee (Bampa-as Kenton named her when he was a kid), Great Papa Lew, Great Uncle Bill (Jennifer's husband), Kenton, Finn & I (taking the picture) went to eat at Island Burgers before the wedding. Finn did pretty well & was good entertainment for all of his great aunts/uncles/grandparents. :)

Finn was not excited about the pool at the hotel. We hadn't been swimming since this summer, but he loved it then. We were surprised that he was so sad; I guess it was a little cold. He was "ok" when I got in with him, but was still concerned.


Anonymous said...

MMMMmmmmm In-N-Out sounds really good right now! Aunt Becca's Jealous! =)

Jesse said...

I second that! What I wouldn't do for an in-n-out burger right now! Poor finley looks very sad in that pool. Maybe he's sad because he misses the way-cool apartment pool :)