Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sabrina & Tor's Wedding

Such a pretty, autumn wedding.

The toast. Sabrina's sister Melanie was the Matron of Honor & is giving the toast here. Sabrina's brother, Mike & his wife Leslie were in the wedding too, plus Tor's sister.

Sabrina's beautiful dress! They were getting ready for their first dance.

This is Finn's Great Aunt Kate holding Riley (his 2nd cousin). She's almost 7 months & crawling all over too! She looks very serious here (we also think that she looks like our friend Sandy). :)

Finn showed off for everyone by taking 17 steps! That was by far the most he had walked. He was really motivated by the stairs...which is why I am holding his hand in this picture. He was so proud of himself & really seemed excited to be walking! He's really getting better, everyday...scary!

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