Tuesday, November 20, 2007


playing blocks with the big kids

Tristan, Finn & Kaiden - 2nd cousins

We went to a brunch at Mike & Leslie's house on Sunday afternoon with all of the family. Sabrina & Tor opened presents then too. It was really neat to see all of the 2nd cousins playing together. Tristan & Kaiden let Finn knock over their towers & were really sweet with him. Tristan didn't even get upset when Finn started taking his stickers off of his book shelf. His patience with Finn really amazed us. I hope we can make more opportunities for them to play together.

After the brunch, we drove to Berkeley to visit Tom & Lauren (Kenton's friend from High School & my college roomie - we all went to OSU together & lived in the same dorm.) They have a new dog named Neko who was super friendly & loved Finn. She liked to lick his fingers & he didn't mind at all. He would just laugh & smile so big! It was great (as usual) to visit with our friends.

Lauren & Finn reading books

Tom & Neko


Carolyn said...

It looks like you guys had a great trip! I hope you're having a good vacation week! I need to write you a long email since you wrote me last... although we did get to talk a bit this weekend! That was fun!

Lauren, Heidi and E. Marie said...
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Lauren said...

It was so great to see the three of you. Hope to see you again sometime soon.