Monday, February 4, 2008

back at it

I haven't scrapbooked in months. But I had a chance to get back into it this weekend, while Kenton played games with a friend. It's so nice to get some pictures together & pages done. Here are my 6 pages. The lighting was pretty bad, so they look more yellow than they should, but you get the idea.

Page 1 journaling says: We did our best to be supportive of Carolyn & Jesse's decision to join the Peace Corps. We knew how much we'd miss them & didn't really want to say goodbye. We spent the whole day together - lunch @ Sweet Basil, swimming @ their old pool, games at our house. We were sad but excited for their adventures in Azerbaijan!

Page 2 journaling: enjoying Carolyn & Jesse's (former) pool :)

Page 3 Journaling: At the end of April, Finn's Great-Grandparents came for a nice, long visit! They stayed with Kevin & Outi (they even took a trip to Utah to visit Sharon). Marylee & Lew are hoping to move to Eugene to be closer to Finn...and everyone else too. :) We're so blessed to have family coming to us! The Gulicks were here until Mother's Day. It was really nice!

Marylee & Lew were able to move here after all & it really has been great having them so close!

Page 4 journaling: We enjoy bath time. Naked time is super fun too! Nothing cute than a naked baby! But Finn all dressed up in his church clothes is pretty hard to beat. Such a handsome boy.

Photos we took when Finn was 6 months old. He's almost 15 months old now!


Jesse & Carolyn said...

I'm amazed at your page-making abilities! They look great. We look through the book you sent us with those pictures at least once a week. And Carolyn has those pictures of Finn as a bookmark so we're always seeing those. That kid is so funny! I can tell by the look in his eye in the picture of him naked what he's thinking. It goes something like this: "Oh great, thanks mom! Now I'll have to hide this from all my future girlfriends!" heheheh...

We miss you guys too!

Jacqueroni said...

you are so talented katrina! so crafty...and a good cook. and you keep your house clean. and you make wonderful cookies...dont go giving stu any ideas that people can work and do that at the same time. i have him fooled at the moment ;-)

Carolyn said...

It's true, we have pictures of you guys all over our place! I miss scrapbooking like crazy! I especially miss scrapbooking with you while our guys play games... followed by a meal of Bagel Bites, corn dogs, tater tots and chicken nuggets... those were the days!