Friday, February 29, 2008

one to make you smile

"Wild boy in the closet"
At Mummi & Pappa's house
(photo by Outi)


Carolyn said...

What a great wild boy!

How was dinner?

Jacqueroni said...

thats what my hair looks like in the morning! he's the cutest thing ever! and so smiley!

marylee said...

Hi Katrina,
I have just spent a very enjoyable 45 minutes going through all these pictures and comments. I had heard about most of the events since we left from Outi but hadn't had time to check them out. What a great job you do. Glad to hear he read a book for 10 minutes-that's a start.
Things have gone pretty well here. Lew's mom's funeral was very nice. The Catholic's do very comforting funerals. Lew had grown up going to going to that church and school so he got to see some very old friends. It was a challenging day for him but he did a good job.

I guess maybe these notes go on your blog so I will email you guys later.

Again,--great job--where do you get the time--superwoman!