Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finley likes the park = Mama likes the park

We dragged Daddy out of the house after he'd been cooped up for 3 days with the stomach flu. Actually it was his suggestion to go on a walk...I'm just not sure that he was ready for playing at the park. But I am all for anything that keeps Finn as happy as he is while playing outside. He looked so cute sporting cousin Cohen's sweater & Mama's hat (by Finn's request).

I don't think I've ever met a baby/kid who likes to wear hats as much as Finn. He brings us hats & asks for help to put them on. Plus, he'll actually wear the hat for quite a while, especially if it's keeping him warm.

Saying "Hi" one of the kids playing at the park. I have a very social son. He is getting a little more timid, but still says "Hi" to most people that he sees. Sometimes it's a very quiet "hi" that isn't always heard by others, but I always hear it & it makes my heart warm. :) I can't wait to hear what else he'll have to say as he figures out more words...


Jesse & Carolyn said...

Kenton looks sad. :(

But it sounds like finn wants to be just like him, since Kenton always wears hats.

Very cute. :)


Jacqueroni said...

i cant wait until friday when i get to hang out with finn! woo hoo! i like you too ;-)

i think that maybe kenton wearing his hat a lot might have rubbed off on finn. poor kenton looks like he is having a lot of fun in these pictures. i hope that he feels better for your trip!

oh, and i forgot to tell you but russell was playing with one of those wooly willy things in my group today and he said that it looked like his daddy. excited that russell was actually talking to me, i asked him if his daddy ever let his hair grow out or just shaved it off and he said, "well...there's not a whole lot up there." i just thought it was funny and wanted to share!

Gretchen Ruddick said...

Cute pictures! It has been so nice having a little sunshine lately! We'll have to come to Finn's park soon (: