Monday, February 4, 2008

superbowl sunday

We went to Jon & Amy's house to "watch" the Superbowl. Mostly, we just lounged around, visited & ate snacks. The kids are really starting to enjoy each other. It's cute to watch them play. Finn was enjoying following Macey around. He also liked going up & down their two steps to the tv room. I checked to see how Finn was doing at one point & he was sitting with Ethan, looking at books. Pretty cute. We were pretty amazed at how well he played & entertained himself. Getting bigger...

Ethan & Finn
They took turns playing with my lens cap & taking bites of apple slices. :)

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Carolyn said...

Don't worry!! We can get M&M's! They're almost as good as chocolate chips... almost... And hopefully when mom comes to visit in a month she will stock us up!