Sunday, February 24, 2008

"bapple no-no"

Halloween 2007 - Dragon Finn eating an apple

Finn put two words together for the first time today. He also has his first real cold. He's had a cough before & a runny nose, but he's never seemed bothered before - other than the time he had an ear infection, but that wasn't a cold. So it's pretty miserable being Finley, lately. He's coughing, constantly has a runny nose & doesn't have an appetite. :( I offered him his uneaten applesauce (after he'd already decided he was done) & he replied with "bapple no-no" in a slightly sad voice. We were pretty proud of his 2 word utterance (teacher speak)!

Also, he is learning how to blow when we put a tissue up to his nose. This has made our job so much easier because he's willing to let us get near his face with a tissue (probably because he enjoys the praise we give him for blowing) & it clears his nose better. Before, he was fighting us & turning away constantly any time we tried to wipe his nose. We're looking forward to happier days & trying to remember that this cold will pass & our fun boy with return. So sad that he feels so yucky... :(


carolyn said...

Poor Finn!! That's sad. But impressive that he can blow and that he can talk!

Two words, my goodness!

Are you watching the Oscars? I'm watching updates on my computer, it's not as exciting as watching the real thing... the anticipation doesn't build as well. :) Oh well!

Jacqueroni said...

yeah!--for finn talking more! boo!--for finn not feeling very well!