Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day + more Finn

Kenton did well. :) He surprised me, for one (which is hard for him to do), & he got up earlier that me (also hard for him to do) to make me breakfast in bed. A "French" breakfast in bed, like we ate most mornings when we were in France. It was very sweet & I felt spoiled. What a guy!

More adventures in self-feeding.

Daddy did surprisingly well with Finn getting so messy, considering the combination of creamed corn & spaghetti looked less than appetizing all mixed together. :\

Action shot!

Getting cleaned up before taking a bath. :)

Finn really enjoys helping Daddy with the Nerf darts. He could play this game forever. He helps load them up & then retrieves them from all corners of the house. Very sweet bonding time with Daddy.

More helping with the darts.


Carolyn said...

Nice job, Kenton! French breakfast was a wonderful idea! And I can't believe Katrina didn't find out! She's like a little detective. :)

Finn is just too darn cute! I can imagine Kenton had a hard time with the mess, especially since it involved corn!

Did you get a new bedspread? I like it!

Jacqueroni said...

breakfast looks good! sounds like you had a pretty good valentines day!

Anonymous said...

It's great to be able to keep up with Finn happenings, and Kenton&Katrina happenings on-line, since I'm not there right now. Sorry, Katrina, that I left on such a short notice. Sounds like Kevin managed well with Finn though, with Marylee's help (and by himself too.)
Brian was very disappointed that I didn't bring lots of photos of Finn with me. He wants to update his screen saver on his phone with a new picture of Finn. Brian still doesn't know if he got the job. Now his phone is going to be out of commission for a few days too. That kind of complicates the job search. ...Good job, Kenton, with the Valentine's day breakfast! Love, Mom Henry