Saturday, April 26, 2008

2nd annual track town throwdown

Kenton pulled it off for the 2nd year in a row; the Track Town Throwdown was a big success! This is the name he created for the Heroscape Tournament that he planned for the last two years. We had 20 guys playing ages 8 to 50-something & guys came from Portland & Medford to participate. Kenton's grandpa Lew helped me moderate - we kept track of time, scores & announced who was playing with who. There were 5 rounds that were 50 minutes each & it lasted from 11 am to 4 pm...even longer for us. Plus, everyone takes home a prize! It went really smoothly & everyone had a great time.

Round 1: Kenton played against Dom...Kenton was hoping to play him, but not in the first round. Kenton ended up losing this game, but won 3 games overall: placing 8th out of 20. :)

Tyler was able to play in the tournament this year (I think he had to be at a wedding last year) & did really well. He was the youngest one playing & won his game against the oldest player. :) Go Ty!

Jacque also helped me & Lew & she kept me company. After 5 rounds it can get a little repetitive, so it was nice to have a friend. :) Stu played in the tournament, even though he's fairly new to the game. I think he played as many games today as he'd ever played before. Plus, he beat Kenton! Good job, Stu!

Finn spent the whole day with Mummi & Pappa Henry! He did really well & was happy to see us when we picked him up. We had a mellow evening at home (after a very nice dinner with Kenton's family) & enjoyed some silly time with Finn before bedtime.

We're pretty exhausted after such a busy day but it was worth it. Everyone had a great time & really appreciated all the work that Kenton put into making the tournament happen. It's a huge job & Kenton planned it all! I'm pretty proud of him for organizing such a successful event. :)


Jesse said...

I'm jealous, wish I could have been there! It looks like it was fun and nice and bright in the new vestibule at your church! Can you ask Kenton to email me what army he went with and what was the winning army? Thanks dude!

Oh yeah, cute kid too!!!!!! :)

Memaw said...

Good JOB, Kenton! It looks like it was a fun and successful competition! And WAY TO GO, TYLER! as the youngest player there...we're sure impressed & proud of his gaming-skills!