Sunday, April 20, 2008

busy weekend

I had the day off on Friday, so Finn & I took the rare opportunity to play with Ethan, Macey & Amy (rare during the week, due to work/nap schedules). The kids did really well & seemed to have a lot of fun with each other. I only took a couple of photos because I've been trying to take some more videos of Finn lately. So here are two photos:

Macey & Finn eating cereal

Ethan's hat :)

On Friday evening, we celebrated Ashley Stubbert's 31st birthday at their house. Kenton's grandparents babysat Finn so that we could be child-free for the evening. It was great to be a part of Ashley's celebration. Other than the embarrassing kicking-over-of-the-beverage incident, we had a really fun time. And honestly, that's why we don't put our drinks where we walk, so I can hardly be blamed! :)

On Saturday evening, Kenton's parents watched Finn so that we could go to a movie; another rare opportunity for us. I actually only recognized the names of 2 of the movies showing in the theater - a true sign that my life has changed since having a child. :)

Here's a great shot from that evening: Finn & his buddy Tok, the nice dog. :) Kevin & Outi's other dog, Maggie is a bit older & not too sure of Finn. He knows to steer clear of Maggie & pretty much does whatever he wants to Tok. :) Tok's a good sport & generally just walks away if he's not in the mood for Finn's hugs & pats.

Finally, here is a video from Sunday evening. Finn was really interested in his airplane toy & was playing with it for several minutes (kind of a big deal for him, since he's usually so busy). It felt like we could really see the wheels turning in his head & so cute to see his determination to get it right. Anyway, it's a little long & ends with a crash...but Finn only whined for a second & then he was back at it again. So hopefully it will be as amusing to others as it was for us. We generally think he's pretty great but we have a bit of a bias... :)


Jacqueroni said...

BONK! sorry we couldnt hang out this weekend because we were so busy. it sounds like you guys had a pretty fun weekend anyway though!

Memaw said...

Cool video! Finn's a great pilot-I love it that he pulls toys around and he has such a cool Finn-powered Jet there! I need to show you the video I took of his 'fly-over SHS with y/our ol' Little People Plane last week-don't be surprised if he makes it in their yearbook thanks to a class of photo-students on the playground!