Sunday, April 6, 2008

mama & finn agree

Corn on the cob is super yummy!

I knew that Finn liked corn but he'd never had it straight off the cob before. He has a good set of strong teeth (in fact, he's working on cutting tooth number 15!), so he was up for the challenge. I figured my Hecht family in Michigan would be proud to see these photos - they have a sweet corn farm! It's in his blood! :P

I wanted to include this photo that showed his bib. It says "Li'l Finn" & I think it was Kenton's when he was a baby (referring to him being Finnish, of course). Perfect bib for our little Finn.


Carolyn said...

Yay corn! Good job, Finn!

Memaw said...

Oh yeah! I can hear Wayne and Jan and Hecht Sweet Corn celebrating Li'l Finn's discovery!! He looks like he's guarding that corn so nobody takes away his sweet treat! (-:

<3 Memaw

Jacqueroni said...

so how does kenton feel about this development? i mean, now majority wins and you can put corn in your meals without cooking it to the side right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

That little boy is becoming so big. What a cutie!