Saturday, April 5, 2008

3-0 - oh my!

We celebrated Gretchen's 30th birthday last night! Hard to believe... I guess that means it's only 3 years away before I'm 30! Crazy.

There were 30 sparkling candles on her cake. I think they were a little harder to blow out than normal took a little more work.

The kids were impressed!

One of her gifts was a pink tool belt. Super cute. My parents intended for it to be used to help Josh with home building projects. The girls thought it'd be nice for scrapbooking! ;)

Gretchen & her sisters: Katrina, Becca, Gretchen, Erin & Amy

My artsy photo of the evening. :)

Finn spent the night at Kenton's parent's house. It was the first time he stayed there over night. He did great & slept all night (woke up at 7 am). We enjoyed sleeping in until 8:45! Big deal for us - we never get to sleep in. Thanks Kevin & Outi! It was a nice little break for us. :)


Jacqueroni said...

it looks like gretchen's birthday party was a lot of fun! i love that the banner had a picture of her when she was little. so cute. its good to hear that finn slept well at his grandparents house. now we just have to get him used to our house so you guys can come over and hang out late into the night ;-).

Angela said...

Time flies, doesn't it? I'm having a hard time believing that we are quickly approaching our 10 year high school reunion...

I have the exact same shirt as you in that picture with all the sisters. In some of your other pictures, I've noticed that we have similar shirts (same style, different color), but this is the first identical one. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Gretchen! Fun stuff!!