Thursday, April 24, 2008

maybe this will work

The hardest time with Finley is when I'm trying to make dinner. He stands at my legs & cries or tries to push me away from the counter so that I can pick him up. Kenton does a great job trying to keep him distracted, but if he lapses for even a moment, Finn comes toddling into the kitchen to yell at me. It tends to stress me out a bit, as you can imagine, so today I lifted him onto my shoulders while I finished getting our salads ready. It worked today, but it's not going to work every time...especially if I'm working at the hot stove.

I'm really ready for Finn to grow out of the mama-stage. But it is very sweet. I know I'll miss it as soon as Finn realizes how much fun he can have with Dad & all of his toys! It won't be long before they'll be playing games together all the time; then I'll be wishing he would cry for me.


Jacqueroni said...

He sure does love his momma...looks pretty fun for Finn and you'll get a workout in the meantime!

Did you watch Survivor tonight??!! Now I only have two people left!!! and natalie is one of them! she's so evil!

Anonymous said...

Finn sure looks like a finn now!
That's the only time he likes to really hang out with me, is when I'm cooking. Maybe he'll be into cooking instead of games!? Be prepared Kenton, he might not like daddy's games. Unless daddy keeps up with the new generation...

Grandma Henry

Memaw said...

Way to be flexible, Katrina! I know what you mean about this phase/stage of needy-ness-it's priceless AND at the same time, exhausting...and then when they don't want us, we're sad!
love you 3!