Monday, April 14, 2008

big news!

Finley went potty on the toilet tonight! :P He was running around the house, enjoying a little naked time when I asked him if he wanted to go potty on the toilet. He said "Yeah" & started running towards the bathroom. I was a little surprised but went in with him & sat him down. He started to squirm & said "No no" but I told him to try & make the potty come out. He relaxed for a second, looked down, & peed a little! I gave him lots of praise & he looked at me with such a proud smile. It was very sweet.

We're not trying to potty train him yet & this was only the second time that I'd tried to get him to sit on the toilet. I really didn't expect him to even sit, let alone go potty. It was cool. This is probably the start of a very long process that I don't expect to be complete for quite some time. From what I hear, boys take a bit longer to potty train than girls, right? So I'm really not getting my hopes up. :) It was just fun to see him try & to be able to tell that he understood what I was telling him to do.


Jacqueroni said...

wow! thats awesome! go finley! and go you for trying it out! woo hoo!

Memaw said...

YAY FINN! That's so great! I was thinking yesterday when he and Cohen just HAD to accompany me to the bathroom (;-])!? that"Hm-mm... their mommies were about 18 mos. when they 'got it'...but boys are different, memaw, so I must be patient too..."
Good for you to 'seize the moment!'

Jacqueroni said...

so, i told stu that finn went pee on the potty and he said that he was not impressed. quote: "i've done that like, three times today..."

Anonymous said...

That's big news! He is for the environment, and wants to save the earth from diapers. What a good kid!

Mummi Henry