Saturday, March 1, 2008

mellow morning

We had a pretty lazy morning & took our time getting ready. A big highlight for us was that Finn sat still & read books with Kenton for 10 minutes! He rarely sits through one book (or one page for that matter) so this was special! We want Finn to develop a love for books - both Kenton & I really enjoy reading. He's such a busy kid though & is rarely interested. We're hoping this is the start of something & not just a fluke mellow moment. :)

We put Finn down for a nap at home. Kenton's parents came over to stay with him so that we could attend Tyler & Brittany's wedding (friends from church). It was very beautiful - Sandy did an amazing job singing (in Italian) & McKenzie wrote/played the very beautiful song. It's always fun to see our friends perform their talents. We know some pretty cool people! :)

Enjoying our time at the wedding
(without having to chase around our little runner) :P


carolyn said...

I like your hair and earrings! Cute!

Yay reading! Good job, Finn! Books are the coolest!

Gretchen Ruddick said...

mmm, ,,m,, , , , nvnv v
From, Griffin
(He likes looking at pictures of Finn!)