Friday, March 21, 2008

children's museum + boats

We rode bikes to the children's museum after breakfast. The Austin Children's Museum building was super cute on the outside; bright green & right up my alley. :) The exhibit was called Play It By Ear - all things that made noises or had to do with hearing & such. Very hands on, of course, & pretty exciting for Charis & Finn!

Charis & Kris with the big drum

So much noisy fun!

Blurry, but still cute. There were a bunch of headphones that had tubes & funnels attached in different arrangements to alter hearing.

Samantha & Charis playing with the big tinker toys that had lots of noise makers attached.

Looking through the fish tank.

Splashing in the water tables!

Cool textured floor in the toddler play area.

After "nap-time" (both kids fell asleep in the bike trailer on the way home from the museum & woke up when we got home - neither one went back to sleep, but they took a little rest), we went & rented canoes to go on Ladybird Johnson Town Lake (aka the Colorado River). Pretty long name for their specific section of the river. :P

Finn in his new swim suit, going on another adventure.

Charis in her swim suit, strapped in & ready to go. She kept asking "Finn, are you ready? Yes or No?" He made happy noises, but didn't really answer her questions. :)

Checking out all of the boats!

Wearing their life jackets, looking so cute!

Finn was pretty cautious in the first. Didn't take too long for him to start reaching down to feel the water. He did pretty well for his first time on a boat.

Throwing rocks!

Throwing rocks is just so fun!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up with the blog! Finn sure is getting a lot of fun experiences down there. Hopefully its all fun for his parents too :)

--Mom Henry

Jesse & Carolyn said...

First time on a plane! First time in a boat! What a lucky guy! If you're still down there tell everyone we say hi! They look great! Charis is a doll, she looks just like her mom in a lot of your pictures!

Happy Easter! We're having roasted chicken and potatoes for dinner... it seems kind of like an Easter meal... at least for a country without ham! :)

Love you!
-Carolyn (and Jesse)