Monday, March 10, 2008

what a difference

I was organizing my 2007 scrapbook & I came across a page of photos that were taken exactly one year ago. It's amazing to me how much has happened in a year. At the same time, it feels like the year went by so quickly. It's so different to experience a year in the life of a child. Finn has changed SO much!

One thing that stood out to me was my comment about spit-up. Finn used to spit-up a lot. So much. It was part of our routine/life. We were so used to having to change his clothes 2-3 times a day, sometimes before we had even left the house. Now, to think that it's not even an issue is a little mind boggling. (I am so thankful that we are done with the spit-up stage - that got old fast!) Things change. I love change. Change has always been really exciting to me. I love mixing it up; experiencing something new. It's so great to experience so many new things with our boy.

A photo from the other day.
(Too bad I didn't have a photo from March 10, 2008 to compare, but this is close enough.)

On another note, still no news about the job that Kenton interviewed for. We've heard that Symantec can take awhile to get back to applicants. We're still hoping for good news, but it's getting harder to be optimistic. Prayers are much appreciated! Thanks. :)

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Jacqueroni said...

i love that i get to see lots of pictures of finn on your blog. it always brightens my day :). did you get to do any scrapbooking done this weekend?