Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

I found these bags (plus their contents) in the dollar bin at Target. They were perfect for our trip because they collapsed flat in my suitcase. :) And they're cute!

Enjoying the bubbles that came in their Easter "Baskets"

The egg hunt. They both did pretty great. We filled 12 plastic eggs with little toys from a local store. Finn just wanted to open each egg & play. He wasn't really motivated to find them all but was excited whenever he came across one. :)

So sweet.
She was excited to find the colorful eggs.

Distracted by an airplane!

Group shot.
Finn, Kenton, Katrina, Charis, Samantha, & Kris


carolyn said...

Happy Easter!!

I'm so glad you guys got to spend some good time together! It had been a really long time! Charis is beautiful and it's cool to see her and Finn as friends!

Gretchen said...

It's been so cool getting to see and read about your trip. It looks like you've had So much fun!! Yay! I hope the flight home goes well (: