Wednesday, March 12, 2008

visitors at school

Today, 3 firefighters visited our class to talk about what they do. We're learning about Community Helpers this week. :) They brought their fire engine & got all dressed up in their gear. Some of the kids were really nervous about this part. It was good for them to get a chance to see them up close - they look kind of scary all geared up, but they're there to keep us safe! :)

We have really cute kids in our class. Some of the cutest, I think. But due to confidentiality, I can't show you their faces. Bummer. They had some pretty great "questions" though. (Usually a totally unrelated comment, rather than a question.) It's kind of tricky to teach kids of this age what it means to ask a question. They like to tell us about themselves, or their dads, or what happened before they came to school. Pretty cute. :) We all like to talk about ourselves, right? Why else would I have a blog? :P

It seemed to throw off the firefighters a little though, when our kids made random comments (some of which were extra hard because of speech issues). But they were good sports & did a great job, considering it was a group of preschoolers with developmental delays. They were totally excited, so that helped.


Jacqueroni said... so bummed that today was the day that they came and today was the day that i missed work! we only have like three exciting things happen all year: pumpkin patch, firefighters, and graduation and i missed one! :(

im glad that you put a picture on here though so that i could see it!

Angela said...

Is it weird that I check your blog almost every day? I know you post a lot, but I feel a bit obsessive, for lack of a better word... :) Anyway, sounds like a fun day! I love the random things little kids say before they develop a social filter...