Thursday, March 20, 2008

the zoo (100th post!)

Feeding the deer!

We started the day by feeding animals in the petting zoo: goats, llamas & deer. Finn was very brave & didn't mind getting licked by the animals.

Charis was a little more timid, but she took a couple of turns.

Feeding goats

The other part of the zoo is an animal refuge. They have some of the really big animals, like lions & tigers & bears! :) All sorts of monkeys & parrots too.

Mama & Finn

Giant tortoises too!

Kris & Charis

Charis, Samantha & Kris in front of the bears! :)

Katrina, Finn & Kenton in front of the tortoises

Note: I tried Photobucket for the first time to save time uploading photos. Not too sure how I feel about what it did to the format of my photos. Sorry. :\

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Anonymous said...

The photos look just fine. We sure appreciate being able to see what you are up to during your vacation. Its great to see little Finn having a good visit. We sure miss him!
Charis is really cute!
Mummi and Pappa