Saturday, March 29, 2008

wildlife safari

Gretchen invited us to tag along to the Wildlife Safari yesterday. Kenton had already made plans, so Finn & I went along. We packed the kids in tightly in the back of Gretchen's SUV & they did great. :) Finn was the only one who got whiney. :\

Finn & Griffin checking out the cheetah!

Finn was acting like a pro in the petting zoo area. He went right up to the goats & said "Hi!"

I liked their matching expressions. :P

The train wasn't running but that didn't stop our boys from having a blast! Ronan was conducting from the very front of the train.

After walking around the village, we loaded back into the car for the drive through the safari:

This is the part that Gretchen & I remembered from when we were kids. The ostrich came right up to the window & pecked the car. We were laughing, but Ronan got nervous.

Griffin & Finn weren't really sure what to think.

Yay! Giraffes!
It was raining so they were keeping covered under their shelter, which was close to the road. It was a pretty good view.

The bison were all right next to the road, or on the road.

Up close!

The kids all did really well & we had a fun adventure. It had been about 20 years probably since the last time I had been to the Wildlife Safari! It was nice to see what it's like now; maybe Finn & I can bring Kenton sometime. :) All 3 boys took a nap on the way home & then played for a little while at our house. Fun day! Thanks for inviting us Gretchen!


Jacqueroni said...

it looks and sounds like you guys had a great time. this has a been a really exciting spring break for you guys!

Angela said...

Wow, I haven't thought about Wildlife Safari in a long time! All I remember is a deer and her fawn crossing in front of the car...but would a deer have been part of the wildlife? At any rate, looks like you all had fun (and I include your Texas trip in that statement too...)! :)

RAP said...

I love the picture of Finn "driving"! His face cracks me up!