Sunday, January 13, 2008

Au revoir Uncle Brian!

We will miss you!

Uncle Brian is moving back to Alaska. Can't stay away from the 20 below weather...or something. :) So Pappa Kevin is driving up the Alaska highway with him, in the middle of January. Please send prayers their way as they start their drive tomorrow morning.

We had dinner & dessert at Kenton's grandparents' house with the family before saying good bye.

Fun with Nana Lee (Finn's great-grandmother)

Checking out the digital picture frame.

What a world Finn is growing up into. He already knows how to turn things on with remote controls, how to open the disc drive on our computer, how to turn the volume up on our receiver...and he will only learn more from here.


Kenton said...

I can't wait 'till Finley shows me how to do something. ;)

Jon and Amy said...

Oh, that is sad... :(