Saturday, January 19, 2008

giving hugs

I think Finn might have his first crush! He was all about giving Macey hugs last night while we were at the Green's house (our good friends from church) for games. :) Sometimes she smiled & hugged back...sometimes she frowned & pushed Finn away. He was being kind of forward & lingering in the hug position for a little too long. We need to work on that, I guess. But he was very unhappy whenever I would try & take him away to give her space.

He wanted to be right next to her or, better yet, laying in her lap. It was super cute & we were all getting a kick out of seeing them hug.

After we separated Finn & Macey, he decided to show some love to Ethan (Macey's twin brother). :) I don't think Ethan knew what to think of Finn's hugs. But we all enjoyed seeing them interact in such a sweet way.

After all the kids were asleep (Finn slept in a pack-n-play in Jon & Amy's room), the grown-ups (Jon, Amy, Sandy, Kenton & I) played a crazy game called Roborally. It's only the 2nd time we've played it & we've owned it for a couple of years. It's super complicated but definitely kept us laughing.

You each program your own robot with 5 command cards before the round starts & then go through with those movements step by step. The fun comes in when you hit a conveyor belt that turns you in a direction you weren't anticipating & end up completely off course for the remainder of your turn. There are also lasers that hurt you & cogs that spin you in place. Lot of fun. 3 1/2 hours later, Jon won the game. Whew! I think we all had a good time. :)

My robot, Zoom Bot, next to Amy's robot on the right, Spin Bot. I'm stuck on a conveyor belt & Amy's stuck spinning on a cog - she is a spin bot after all. ;)


Anonymous said...

So funny! :) That was a lot of fun! I'm going to blog some pictures of that night right now! :)

Jesse said...

ROBORALLLY!!! That game is crazy! Good to hear you got some more play out of it. Have you heard of Feist? She's great. She used to be a singer in Broken Social Scene. You should download "The Reminder." And pay special attention to "I Feel It All" and "Past In Present" and of course "1 2 3 4". I think we are planning to make a music video to one of those songs soon! Too much time inside for us! Anyhow, we love reading your posts and looking at the pictures! Thank you for the Christmas card and package! You know what would be cool? If we could make up custom Wesnoth characters! I will think up one for me. You tell Kenton and then we can have a little battle. Yay!!!!

Carolyn said...

Jesse doesn't get out much... :) I'm glad you found someone to play that game with you, because I really didn't like it!!! So frustrating!!!!

Oscar nominations come out in an hour! So exciting, except that I haven't even heard of half the movies that won Golden Globes. But, I did see Atonement (which is one of my favorite books...) and it was wonderful. They were very true to the book and that's good.

Okay, I guess neither Jesse nor I get out much... we are definately lacking social skills...

Love you guys!