Sunday, January 13, 2008

games with friends

On Saturday evening, Stu & Jacque (Katrina's co-worker) came over for dinner & to play games. Jacque & I made "homemade" pizzas (on Boboli crusts) while the guys played Halo. :) But after dinner we all played Carcassonne. We joked that we lost our other Carcassonne-playing friends to the Peace Corps (thanks a lot, Carolyn & Jesse :) ) but that it was fun to play again. We also bought this game for Kenton's grandparents for Christmas, so we need to play with them soon, too! Stu & Jacque are good sports to play with us nerds & we had a lot of fun. In between games, Jacque & I made chocolate chip cookies while the guys played more Halo. :)

This is our what our 2nd game looked like at the end. Do you get it? ;)

We've enjoyed spending time with Stu & Jacque. Kenton & Stu both enjoy a lot of the same games...& Jacque & I both really love the color green! :) We have other things in common, but that definitely was one of the first things that we noticed about each other. Ironically, neither one of us is wearing our signature color in these photos. What is wrong with us?! (I actually got mistaken for a Target employee earlier that day due to my red-ish shirt.) :P

In other news, welcome baby Rooke! My friend from high school, Angela, & her husband Ryan welcomed their sweet baby boy into the world very early, Friday morning. Check out their blog for pictures of their son. Congratulations Ryan & Angela! We can't wait to meet Rooke! Finn's ready to play! :)


Jesse said...

So your new friends look nice.

Too bad we will have to kill them when we return to reassume our "#1 friends" position. :)

Actually we're happy you can keep up your skills because we are getting mad skillz over here. We are starting to play totally cut-throat carcassone and I don't even want to start on the Catan card game!

You two take care! Kiss da baby!


Jacqueroni said...

what a fun night! and an awesome carcassone world we made! stu was looking on amazon for that pig rolling game and he found carcassone...i think that we may have to buy it so we can practice and get awesome and beat you guys...someday... ;-)

Katrina Henry said...

Oh Jesse, there's plenty of Henry love to go around! :) Can't wait for you guys to come back so we can play again. Maybe one of you will actually be able to beat me for once! Heh heh... :P (I'm totally going to be eating my words, huh?)