Friday, January 11, 2008

in honor of the big move

Tonight, we went to Abby's Pizza for the anniversary of my parents' big move from California to Oregon 32 years ago (I think). When they reached their destination (Winston, Oregon), they ate at Abby's & we gather there at least once a year in honor of that move. Anyway, in all then years that we've gathered at Abby's, I don't think we've ever had a balloon sculptor visit out table. The kids were definitely excited & they enjoyed their balloon creations. Tyler's was a sword, Sadie's was a pink kitty & Cohen's was a blue dog.

Our balloon sculptor, making Ronan's motorcycle!
(Taken simultaneously with my mom's camera flash.)

Finn LOVED his lion!

So cool.

Griffin's was a teddy bear.

After we ate dinner, the kids & dads played in the little arcade.
I had fun taking pictures with the different lighting that came from each game. :)

Sadie tried & tried to get this ball out of one of those "claw" machines. Aaron even gave it a shot. In the end, a nice lady who knew the trick gave this one to Sadie. It made her night.


Gretchen Ruddick said...

Such fun memories...I'm so glad you had your camera! You got some great pictures, I love the one of Finn- it looks like he's growling at his lion (:

Jacqueroni said...

thats so cool that your family has that kind of tradition ! i love the picture of finn with the lion...such a character!