Thursday, January 17, 2008

enjoying the sun

My mellow boy, after his nap. Sometimes he wakes up happy & sometimes he wakes up sad. This day he was in between, but was fine with me setting him down to look at his books. I was excited to see the sun shining through the windows.

I try to take advantage of the sunny days, even though it's still pretty cold. On clear (not rainy) days, Finn & I walk to meet Kenton when he rides the bus home from work. Yesterday, I let Finn walk on his own. We don't get to play outside very often due to wet, Oregon weather, so he hasn't had very many chances to "run free." (Of course, we stopped to watch cars go by while I held on tight to my 14 month old.) :) It was a nice walk filled with excitement over birds, rocks, kitties & leaves. The sunset was pretty too. And Daddy got a kick out of seeing a tiny kid walking next to his Mama as we got closer & closer. It helps that our street is the longest, straightest street ever! (Right, Aaron?) We could see Daddy pretty far down the street.

My hair is doing something dorky, but Finn is cute!

Mama's wearing a hat!

Happy (blurry) boy!

Our Christmas lights are still up. We'll work on that someday...really!


Gretchen Ruddick said...

Isn't it crazy that you get to go on walks with your son! I'm sure it really was a cute sight for Kenton (:

Jacqueroni said...

awwww...cute. and dont worry, i still have my christmas lights up too :-/