Monday, January 7, 2008


1. LYCEE, 2. IL TRONO DEL RE DI QUADRI - FRAMED FRAMES, 3. Saturday Light, 4. old oil brushes, 5. 035 : 365 dec 28 pause., 6. candyland tray, 7. Bamboo Lanterns, 8. bidon, 9. ...of yellows & greys;-), 10. He says his nose feels stuffy., 11. re-purposed sweater sleeves for certain, 12. books i read in 2007, 13. destined for applesauce, 14. 1º Pôr do Sol de 2008, 15. day 42 : 365 jan 4 • lamp bokeh, 16. locked

Playing around with Flickr & Mosaic Maker. How time flies when you're wasting time on the computer. :\ At least I am looking at pretty pictures & feeling inspired to take more photos of life...and not just photos of Finn. I'm not lacking in that department. :)

I've been wanting to make a mosaic of my favorite photos (that other people have shared on Flickr) for awhile, since seeing it done on Ali's blog. She is constantly sharing great ideas!


Robert and Holly said...

I love them! What a neat program... you are such an artist:) And I love your new hair!!! I just chopped mine off too - isn't it fun?

Gretchen said...

That's really cool (: I like all the pictures you chose! I'll have to try out mosaic maker...