Wednesday, January 2, 2008

finding snow...

Ooooh, snow! We had a great plan of taking Kenton's family to see snow! They moved here from Alaska & it's been weird for them to be without snow at Christmas time. We drove to Mt. June, where we've been in the past to go sledding. We drove up & up the mountain & we didn't see any snow. Such a let down. It really seemed like we were going to strike out. We stopped to talk with Kenton & Brian (they were in a second car) to decide where to go next & decided to go up a little farther. We drove around the next corner & found SNOW!

Yay! Wet, melty snow...but snow. Enough to show Finn & see his cute reactions. He definitely was interested & seemed to enjoy himself. We was bundled in many layer & stayed warm. It was a quick trip & we only stayed long enough to get chilly, but it was fun!

Fun at first...then a little scary, but Daddy kept him safe.

We were so glad that he was excited to see snow.

Snow on my lens; cute boy on the saucer.

My 2 favorite boys

Outi & the boys
(Kevin, Finn, Kenton & Brian)



Jacqueroni said...

i love the picture of you and finn both "ohhhh-ing" about the snow. so cute!

Angela said...

Can I send you some of our snow here? :) Cute pictures... Happy New Year!

mom/memaw said...

i love all these snow pictures! and...Finn appears to love the snow!
love ya,

Samantha said...

I watched this video with Charis on my lap and the rest of the night she asked to watch "snowman". She thinks all snow is called snowman.