Monday, January 21, 2008

sunny winter day

We have a really great park on our street, but we haven't played there since Finn learned how to walk. So we were excited to have a dry, sunny, COLD day off to go explore the park together. Finn was so excited about each part of the play ground. He was grinning like crazy & kept laughing a goofy giggle. It was great! It was very chilly & he was bundled enough to enjoy himself. Daddy's hands were a little frozen though.

Walking across the bridge, all by himself.

Crawling back & forth through the tunnel, between Mama & Dada.

Finn was pretty amazed that Daddy climbed to the top of the climbing wall.

So silly!


On the see-saw with Mama & Dada.

Other kids came to play while we were there & they had a little dog. He was really interested in watching the big kids play & had fun trying to catch up to the dog. He is so sweet & social. He said hi to everyone & tried to talk. He really likes people & has such a playful personality with everyone. He went right up to one of the older girls & started pointing at things & "talking" about them. Such an outgoing boy - I hope he stays that way. :)

We had another fun evening with Stu & Jacque. We made nachos & taught them 2 new games - Settlers of Catan & Vegas Showdown. Jacque beat us all so bad on Vegas Showdown! Nice job, Jacque! It was fun to have friends over. Finn was a little fussy. He's getting a couple of teeth & fighting off a cough. Sad. But he loves having friends over & enjoyed showing them his toys & books. A good Martin Luther King Jr Day overall. :)


Carolyn said...

That looks like fun. I like that park. You're lucky to have it so close! Kids play in the street here... actually kids don't really play here. There are no toys. Oh well. You know what I just realized? Of the four people I can think of right now who we graduated with who now have babies, they are all boys! You, Bryce, Angela and Sheila! Crazy, huh?

Jacqueroni said...

such a cute boy you have there! i love the picture of him playing peek a boo. last night was really fun. im totally craving nachos and kicking your guys' butts again. i told stu he has to practice the games with me so he doesnt come in last next time ;-)