Sunday, February 22, 2009

he's all boy

A brief moment of stillness to get a photo with Mama.

Finn is really into swords right now.

He's perfected the different ready positions.

I blame Dad. :)

But he'll use anything he can find as a sword. His latest sword was a roll-up window screen that goes in the car. When it's rolled up, it's long & skinny...just like a sword, I guess. Not much we can do about that. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

29 weeks

7 months & 1 week
(in other words)

I had a doctor appointment today with my OB & things are going fairly well. Unfortunately, after a long process involving glucose tolerance tests & at-home blood tests (i.e. finger pokes) for the past week, it turns out that I have developed Gestational Diabetes. Thankfully, it appears to be a fairly mild case that will be able to be managed with diet only (hopefully, no medication needed). Just makes things a little more complicated. I have an appointment with a specialist in March, but until then I will be poking my fingers & testing my blood 4 times a day, making sure to eat a high protein, low sugar diet. Bummer. :\

I'll be meeting with a dietician & then with the specialist, who will have me do another ultrasound (which is fun) & will monitor my blood sugars for the remainder of the pregnancy (not as fun). It's pretty strange that I've actually developed Gestational Diabetes - I don't have the common signs - but it seems like everything will still be fine. I'm just bummed that things are going perfectly smoothly, but at least this is a very treatable condition. I am very thankful for that! I just hope I can still have my daily milkshakes in the hospital once the baby is born! (I've been really looking forward to that!) ;)

longer days

I have been so ready for longer days. It's just a little rough when it gets dark so soon after Finn wakes up from his nap. We've been needing more outside, active time before bed.

Yesterday, Finn & I took advantage of the days getting a little longer.

I love that our new house is also on a very slow, safe street. We hardly ever have traffic!

Running boy #1

Running boy #2

Running boy #3

Running boy #4
So fast!

Just standing.

We found Percy!
He had left Percy outside for about 30 minutes while we went inside for some reason. Thankfully, Finn noticed him when we went back out. Percy is Finn's new train from Nanalee & Papa Lew (from the Thomas the Train series). It's battery powered & pulls his other trains! A definite favorite right now! :)

I've been meaning to get Finn's hair cut, but it's kinda cute shaggy. Plus, it's a little curly in the back after bath time. So for now, I'm waiting. It'll probably happen sooner or later.


Finn has really been excited about building towers lately. We don't usually allow him to stand on the coffee table, but it is pretty hard to reach the top of such a tall tower otherwise. :)

Kenton & I have both been amazed with how much care & dedication he puts toward building his towers.

Putting kitty inside the door.

Kitty on the roof.

Making it taller...

The flower is the final touch!

Smile Finn!
Such a cool tower (Mama helped a little.) ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

birthday party

On Saturday, February 7th, Finn went to his first "friend" birthday party for Dylan (a friend from church). He was pretty excited to go to Papa's Pizza to play & eat pizza & cake!

Walking in to the restaurant, like such a big kid!

He was excited to give Dylan his gift. :)

Birthday boy

The kids.
Macey & Ethan were there too, plus another little boy that we didn't know yet - I think his name was Garrett.

Construction vehicle plates, crayons & their very own cups with straws - so cool!

Dylan with his dad & mom: Tyler & Aimee + his very own, cute, little (dairy-free) cake!

Yummm....cake is one of Finn's favorite foods! :)

Party favors!

Dylan, opening books from Finn.
Thanks for the great party, Dylan! It was so much fun!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

things heard

After bath, before bedtime, enjoying some milk & watching Superman. :)

I've started to write down some of the cute/funny/creative things that Finn says. He continues to surprise us everyday with new words, sentences & thoughts. He's at such a great age & is working so hard to form his own sentences to communicate with us - I love it!

  • Last Sunday morning as I was getting myself ready for church, Finn was trying really hard to put one of my hair clips in his hair. I offered to help & he told me, "No, I help my own."
  • When I went to pick up Finn at my mom's house last week, he was running home with all of his cousins from the playground. I met him halfway there & he yelled, "I missed you Mama!" So sweet! Then as we walked by the soccer goal in the field that his cousins were playing on, he announced "It's soccer time!" He then got tangled up & stuck in the net, requiring assistance from Memaw. :)
  • At bed time & nap time lately, when we leave the room he yells after us, "I love you, Mama! I love you, Dada!" This is a newer sentence for us & very heartbreaking for us when we know he's sad about going to bed. Most nights, we also hear "Don't leave!" & "Hold me!" Also, hard on the Mama & Dada. Otherwise, we love to hear him say "I love you!" It's the best!
  • During bath time, I noticed he had a skinned knee. I asked him what happened & he told me, "A table...I take a Memaw's house." The next day, he told me he took the owie at Mummi's house, so I'm not really sure. But he consistently tells us that he "takes" owies instead of "getting" owies. :)
  • I made homemade pizza for dinner one night & instead of the usual "tastes yucky" or "I don't like it" from Finn (he's rather picky these days) he told me, "Mmmm, good pizza...yummy pizza...I like pizza you make." Such a great compliment!
  • On Friday morning when we got Finn up, we noticed that there was cotton fuzz all over his bed & floor + a pillow that was missing some stuffing. :) We asked Finn what happened...did he get mad? He said, "No, I sad. I crying." My next question was if he had bitten the pillow. His explanation: "No. It open. Fuzz came out." Likely story! :P
  • That same day during his nap, Finn cried out "Mama, cake! Where cake go? Dada, cake!" He quieted down & went back to sleep. When he woke up, I asked him why he was crying, if he was sad. He said, "Cake falling." I asked if he'd had a dream that cake was falling & he said, "Yeah, your cake falling." So great that he was able to tell us his dream, even if it was a nightmare about cake falling. :)
  • Yesterday, we were walking into a store & Finn saw a bald man. He said, "Wha dat guy? A Lex-a Luther?" Someone's been watching Superman lately. :) Luckily, the guy was pretty far away & didn't seem to hear. He might have gotten a kick out of being called Lex Luther, but we just laughed quietly to ourselves.
Ahh, the life of a two-year old. Never gets old. Always keeps us on our toes. What a great kid!