Saturday, February 23, 2013

tate turns two!

 We can't believe baby Tate is already two!

 His parents threw an awesome Curious George party for their busy boy.  ;)

Blowing out the candles!

Opening gifts with a big audience.

What a fun party!  We love you Tate!

finley's golden birthday

 On November 6th, Finley turned 6 years old!  6!

 In true Henry fashion, we got up early to open presents before school/work!

 Sweet, excited Finley!

 Cedar was excited too!

Yay for some new clothes for the always growing boy.

 Birthday breakfast request: waffles!

 After work, we had the Henrys over for dinner, presents & dessert!  Finley requested sloppy joes & sweet potato fries.

 He got to open gifts from his grandparents & great grandparents!

 And a couple more from us!  ;)

 His audience.

 Love his excitement!

 The dinosaur cake.  Not quite a masterpiece, but it tasted great!  ;)

I think he likes the attention!

 6 candles!

 Thanks for helping celebrate our boy!  
(We had a "Novemberist cousin" party later in the month with my side of the family.)


 The teachers & kids in my classroom dress up every year for a Harvest party.  
We have a good time!

 I didn't take a lot of photos on this night.  I took some more with my phone, but I mostly tried to keep up with the kids!

We went around our neighborhood with our neighbors, Prescott & Stephanie.

Then we made the rounds to the grandparents & some friends who live near the grandparents.  ;)  Halloween is kind of a whirlwind & I try to have a good attitude.  It's super fun for the kids, but tends to leave this Mama a little worn out.  :P

The cousins!
Cedar, Griffin, Cohen, Tate, Tyler, Ronan, Finley & Sadie

The day/evening in Instagram:

Bumblebee me & Minnie Mouse Jacque

Kenton dressed up as Walter White from Breaking Bad

Finley, the wraith.

 Kenton switched out of his Haz Mat suit so that he & Aaron could be matching "Heisenbergs" from the same show.  ;)  Not bad.

 At Mummi & Pappa's house, the boys took turns trying on Pappa's Hulk Mask.

 Power Ranger/Hulk Cedar!

Wraith/Hulk Finley!

pumpkin carving

 Another tradition: carving pumpkins with our Bible study group.  Once October hits, it seems like we have lots of traditions!

Finn drew his jack-o-lantern's face & carved it with minimal help!  So great!

 Kenton took the camera & got a shot of me carving mine...

 ...followed by a series of random poses with the kids.  Not too sure about letting Kenton have the camera ever again! ;)

 The boys really wanted to wear their ninja costumes on this night.  They can't wait for Halloween!

 Sweet Matthew watched the action from the pack-n-play.  ;)

 Our family of jack-o-lanterns.  Cedar drew his little face too (the little one on the right)!

 The whole group!

 Most of the kids!

Can't forget the babies!
Monika, Emmett, Stephanie & Matthew.

gcp fall performance

We were all very excited to see Cedar in his first preschool performance.

Director, Miss Debby.  She taught Finn during his first year of preschool.  :)

A train of three year olds!

 Cedar's been excited to be on stage, since seeing his big brother do it over the years.

He did a great job & we could hear his sweet voice.  His class has grown since then & they now have a full class of 10 three year olds!

Cedar's teacher, Miss Elizabeth!


 One more family celebration with Papa, before they left on their trip.

We met up after school at Thistledown Farm.

 Checking out the animals on the way to the wagon ride.

 Riding to the pumpkin patch with Papa.

 Papa with all 8 of his grandkids!

 The daughters.

 With the Chases.

 With the Henrys.

Looks like I missed the photo shoot with the Ruddicks.  Whoops!

 Hard to decide on which pumpkin to choose!

After the wagon ride, we celebrated a little more with cupcakes!

Happy happy day!