Saturday, May 11, 2013

easter weekend

 On Saturday afternoon, we gathered at my parent's house to celebrate Easter.  We dyed eggs, ate dinner & had an egg hunt.

 The Murphy-Hecht family came down from Portland.  It's become a tradition to have their family join us for Easter.

 Cedar really enjoyed dying eggs this year.

 Focused kids!

 Taking his time.

 Looks like Kenton took a turn with the camera.  ;)

 Littlest cousin, Megan, with Aaron.

 My contribution to the Easter feast.

 On to the egg hunt!

 The kids were told to find up to a certain number of eggs & then stop looking, to let everyone get a fair share.  ;)

 Someone was too old to dye eggs but not too old to hunt for them!  :P

 Checking out his eggs.

 Quick pause for a photo.  :)

 Yummy DQ ice cream cake, made by Becca.

 My handsome boys on Easter morning.

 Eight cousins, in age order.  


 Hecht girls.



 Our family.

18 1/2 weeks!  Almost halfway through this pregnancy.

evergreen aviation & space museum

 We didn't plan any big trips for Spring Break this year, but we took advantage of our Science Factory memberships & took a road trip to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum!

 The boys were pretty good sports, as we walked through all the aviation exhibits.

 Such a big kid!

 Cedar & I enjoyed taking multiple breaks in the airplane seats that were strategically placed around the museum.  :)

 Kenton was probably the most excited to see the planes.  ;)

 Littlest pilot.

 Blurry shot, but these guys were impressed with the real missile!  At least, I think that's what it was.  :P

 Gotta love the planes & space shuttles you can sit inside!

 And the free airplane ride was definitely a hit!

 Cedar was ready to have his photo taken!

What a fun day!  We left the museum & went to IKEA to pick out some new accessories & lamps...mostly for the baby room, but some things for around the house.  The boys stayed in the children's play area for the first time & they LOVED it!  Plus they got to eat for free during (for Spring Break!), so that was a bonus.