Wednesday, April 23, 2014

great wolf lodge

 Caution: mega photo dump ahead.  Which is why it boggles my mind that I took ALL these photos & didn't manage to get a single photo of my brother, Erik! Grrr.  I wish I'd captured some of the fun we all had with him.  It was great to have him there & I'm bummed I flaked on taking photos with him.  But we didn't flake on having a blast!  I even got my hair wet - all the way!  No joke.  We all played at the water park & went all in, the whole time.  Boy were we worn out!  So fun.

My brother-in-law Aaron turned 40 today.  To celebrate the big day, he & his family booked a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge & invited anyone to join them that could.  I thought it sounded cool, but Kenton was super excited & decided we should go for it!  I'm so glad he did.  The kids had a great time.  Erik came down from Seattle for two days & one night.  We stayed in a hotel for the first time as a family of five (maybe even for the first time since Cedar was born?!)!  It all went so well.  :)

Tired after a big first day at the water park.

Day two: ready for more water fun!

 Family selfie.

 Aunt Becca & Uncle Aaron babysat Elsa so that Kenton & I could go on a ride together.  :P

 Elsa did so well, for the most part!

 She really loved the water & was happiest when she could splash & play in the pools!

 Cedar was frowning because he was hungry for a Gogurt.

 Hard to tell, but Cedar is in the front of that inner tube! He took a bit of convincing to try the big slides, but once he tried it, he wanted to go again & again!

 This sweet boy stuck pretty close to us!

 The crazy, fun, splashy, kid zone.

 More of Kenton & Cedar!

 Cedar wanted me to get photos of him coming down.  He made a ton of progress with his comfort in the water & letting his face get splashed!

 Getting sleepy.

 We could hardly keep up with Finn!  He was so comfortable with all of the rides & the wave pool!

 We convinced him to use his goggles more, after going to bed with very red eyes on the second day.  Such a fish, that Finley Stoerman Henry (F.S.H.)!  :P

 Silly smiles for Mama!

 Someone really wanted Mama...

 Silly kiddos!


 Tyler!  And a (still) sleepy girl. :)


 Brave Cedar!

 Cousins sticking close together!

 The birthday boy, Aaron, & Sadie!

 I think she was turning into a wolf!  Rarr!


Mummi & Pappa sponsored a special activity for the boys called Magiquest!  They ran all around five floors of the hotel with their magic wands, completing quests & going on adventures!  They ended up recruiting their cousins to join them & finished the trip off by defeating the dragon!  Pretty fun stuff for these kids!  :)

Such a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday!  Thanks for inviting us to join the celebration!  We had a great time!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter sunday 2014

 The boys woke up just before 7:00 am this morning, so they had some waiting to do before Kenton & I were ready to begin the Easter celebrations.  :]

We started the morning off with Keith Green's "Easter Song" (such a great song!) & reading through the Easter story using Resurrection Eggs.  This is a new tradition for our little family (just our third year) & I really like how engaged the boys stay when reading through the story & learning the symbolism of the items in the eggs.  Such a great way to start our morning, to remember the real significance of Easter, & to be thankful for Christ's death & resurrection!

 The kids each got a few things in their Easter baskets: some books, swim stuff for our upcoming trip to Great Wolf Lodge, some gum & treats.  :)

 I made some bunny teethers for Elsa, inspired by some pins on Pinterest!

 My peaceful view (at the moment).

 I was excited to show Elsa her basket, when she woke up.  :)

 This expression totally cracks me up!

 That's better.

 Still a bit confused, but she seemed to enjoy her book.  :)


 After a lovely service at our church, we gathered at Kenton's parents' house for more Easter fun & a yummy dinner.

a family portrait

 The Oregon Henrys

 These two.

 Silly girl.

 On the hunt for eggs!

 Some photos of me & my girl.

 I'm usually behind the camera, so it's nice to have some photos of me from time to time.

 Silly faces!

 Great smile!


 So fun to shake (& taste!) the eggs.  :)

Pappa, Mummi & their three grandchildren.