Thursday, May 3, 2012

grace community preschool spring sing

 On Tuesday, April 10th, Finley's preschool put on their annual Spring Sing.  

 It is so amazing to see the different between the three classes/age groups (ages 3, 4, & 5).
The 5 year olds seemed so big & Finley was very clearly the tallest in his class!  

 Xavier, Cousin Griffin, Tayden, Gaby, Hailey

 Tayden, Gaby, Hailey, Finn, Ethan, Victoria, Macy & Bailey.
These kids did such a great job.  So great to hear them singing out!

 Finley's wonderful teacher, Miss Janelle.

 And of course, Finley had a fan club!
Jesse, Finley, Carolyn, Mama & Alma

Jacque (Stu was there too!), Cedar & Dad.
We also had all of our families in attendance!  What a loved boy.  :)  Cedar will be attending GCP in the fall & we can't wait to see him up on stage next year!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

easter sunday

 This Easter, we surprised our boys with baby chicks!  This was something that I remember fondly from my childhood.  I don't know how often my parents got us chicks for Easter, but those Easters definitely stick out in my memory.  :)

 Easter baskets are all ready to go...

 Time to wake the sleepy boys so we can enjoy a quick egg hunt before church!

 Barely awake...

 ...but awake enough to smile at the tiny chicks!  :)

 We got 6 chicks...which brings our total to 15.  We lost 3 to raccoons in the fall & we have 3 that turned 2 this year & will slow down on their egg production.  So 6 seemed like a good number to increase the number of eggs we'll be getting!

 Filling his basket with hidden eggs.

 Zooming by!

 So fun!

 At church, all the cousins & second cousins lined up for a photo.
Ronan, Finley, Cedar, Cohen, Griffin, Tyler, Tate, Summer, Sadie & Kara

 We had to convince Finley to cooperate for an outside photo shoot.

 That's a little better.
I had straightened my hair & Cedar didn't approve.  He asked me to "make it bigger."  :P

 The Henrys
Brian, Outi, Kevin, Katrina, Kenton, Cedar & Finley
We may have bribed the two youngest ones with a treat if they smiled.  Cedar was quick to oblige!  :)

 The Ruddicks
Josh, Tate, Gretchen, Griffin & Ronan

 The Chases
Becca, Aaron, Cohen, Sadie & Tyler

 The original Hecht 6!
We were excited that Erik came down from Seattle for the weekend!

 The Murphy Hecht family
Dan, Brooke, Summer & Kara

 4 cousins up in a tree, in their nice Easter clothes...yikes.  :\

 A few more photos.
The girls.

 The guys.

 Kenton had to video the 2nd service, so the boys & I went to Starbucks for a little coffee date while we waited for him to be done.

 Then we were off to the Henry's home for a ham dinner...with mimosas!  :)

 I helped prepare a salad.  Outi made everything else!  What a treat!

 So lucky to have a sunny day!

 We watched a squirrel getting into the bird food.

 Nice work, squirrel.

 The original Henry 4!  ;)

 Finley enjoyed the ham!

 Cedar & Mummi.  I'm sure Cedar enjoyed the rolls!  ;)

Relaxing after dinner with their games...

egg dying & birthday celebrating

 On Saturday, April 7th, we dyed eggs at my parent's house with the whole family (all 4 siblings + their families) & my cousin Dan & his family.

 Dan & his wife, Brooke, have twin daughters, Kara & Summer, with another daughter on the way.

 Most of the kids got into egg dying...which meant there were fewer for me!  :P

 Finn's painted egg.

 Cedar & Griffin

 Finley & Mama

 Memaw & Papa had Easter baskets for all the kids!

 Trying a Peep!  Yum!

 Finley with his basket!

 Gretchen & Tate.

 Kara & Summer enjoying their baskets.

 We all went to the Ruddick's house for dinner & to celebrate Gretchen's birthday (it fell on Easter this year!).

 Some of the guys.

 The kids got their energy out on the Ruddick's awesome play structure!

 Sweet Tate.

 Dessert! Caramel (apple?) cheesecake squares.  They were delicious!

 Now for the egg hunt!  Each family set had a different color of eggs to search for.  The Henry boys were looking for pink!

 Found some!

 Comparing their bags.

 Time to dig in!

 Luckily the eggs weren't too packed with candy.  

 But they still had plenty of sugar today!

 Everyone's digging into their eggs.  :)

 Gretchen's "cake".

 Time for gifts.

A sun dress & new shoes from us!

What a fun filled day!  :)