Saturday, January 7, 2012

alma at home

Yesterday, my mom watched my boys so that I could hold Alma...& run some errands for the family.   :)

   This is my new favorite photo of this sweet little girl.

 I suspect my new favorite photo will change with each visit, since she's changing so much every day.

 I didn't get any awake time with her on this visit...

...but that is just fine by me!  I'll take the cuddles of a sleepy newborn any day!  :)

Love you, Alma dear!

Friday, January 6, 2012

welcome baby girl!

 After 50 hours of labor, baby girl, Alma West, was born!  Carolyn was amazing & did everything she needed to do to bring this little girl into the world! 

On January 3rd at 6:05 AM, she arrived, weighing 8 lbs even.  I could hardly do anything to keep my mind off of her arrival once I learned that Carolyn was in labor.  And I hardly slept at all the night before she was born, I was so excited & anxious to meet her!  Plus, we didn't know if she was going to be a boy or a girl, so that was pretty exciting too!

 Proud Dad!
We got him the shirt he's wearing; it says "#1 Dad"!

 So sweet.

 I went to the hospital as soon as I could & was able to hold her for at least an hour!

 It was great!  :)

 She was pretty wiped out!

 After Kenton got off work, we all went back to the hospital so that everyone could meet Alma. 

Super Mom, Carolyn looked great!  She's such a good mom already.  Confident, comfortable, calm & patient.  Nice work, Carolyn!  :)

 Stu & Jacque were there too!  :)

 Happy by her mama.

 Finley loves babies!  He had to be reminded more than a few time to give her some space & to stop touching her face!  :P

 Happy to meet Alma!

 Sweet profile.  :)

 A little closer.

 When I got to hold her, she woke up & gave me lots of sweet expressions to photograph!

 Proud Auntie Katrina!

 So awake!

 More sweet faces.

 Kenton had to ask for a turn...I wasn't giving her up for nothing!  :P

 I sometimes forget that Kenton likes babies too.  Things definitely change after having a baby of your own.  It's so fun to hold a tiny newborn again.  :)

 Hello there, sweet girl!

 She definitely gave us some nice photo opportunities.  :)

We love you so much, Alma West!

The boys were a bit busy, so we were finally able to relax after they got engaged in some phone games.  :)

Thanks for letting us invade your room, Carolyn & Jesse!  We just love your daughter!  :)

new year's eve

 For New Year's Eve, we invited Carolyn, Jesse, Stu, Jacque & Brian over to play games.

Jesse & Carolyn get to be in black & white because the lighting was funky & I was sick of messing with the photo.  But also because this was the last time we saw Carolyn pregnant!  She happened to go into labor a few hours later!

 Stu & Jacque's first New Year's Eve as a married couple!

 Kenton & me!

 Watching the ball drop on TV!  Exciting stuff.  :P

 Cheers!  Happy New Year!

We went out front to shoot off some fire works.  We were not alone & our neighbors really showed us up.  So much so that Finley woke up & wanted to see!  He had such a hard time falling back to sleep that he was up until after 3 am!  Yikes!  Needless to say, we were tired the next day.  But not as tired as Carolyn & Jesse...

hecht family portraits

 My parents' one request for Christmas was to get everyone together for a photo.  We gathered together on December 26th at the church & had Erik & his girlfriend, Julia, take our portraits.  :)

Papa & Memaw with their 8 grandchildren.
Tyler (11), Cedar (2), Finley (5), Tate (1), Ronan (7), Griffin (5), Sadie (8), & Cohen (6)

 All 17 of us!

 The Hecht siblings.

 Becca, Gretchen, Erik & Katrina

 The Chases

 The Henrys

 The Ruddicks

 The men.
Aaron, Kenton, Roger (Papa), Erik, & Josh

 Memaw & Papa
(Janice & Roger)

 Tate is 12 months old!

 The original 6 members of the Hecht family.

The photographers: Erik & Julia
(I took this photo!)  :)

christmas afternoon

 We gathered at my parents' house just before noon for a brunch-type meal & gift giving.

 We had way more food than we needed, but it was all so good!

 The tree surrounded by mounds of gifts!  We are such a big group when we're all together.  17?!  :)

 Memaw read the Christmas story to the grandkids while their parents dished up food.

 Cuddles for Finley's oldest cousin, Tyler.

 The Hecht girls.

The original Hecht family.

 The grown ups have been drawing names for a few years now to limit how many people for whom we buy gifts.  This year, I drew Gretchen's name.

 Kenton drew Josh's name.

 Josh drew my name.

And Becca drew Kenton's name!  :)

 Cedar got a cool knight outfit from Uncle Erik!

 Rock & roll shirt for Ty to go with a Guitar Hero game we got for him.  :)

 Griffin opening the Dagedar's from us!

 Awesome Star Wars toy from Ruddicks!

 This year, I tried to make a few more gifts than years past.  I made Griffin a set of felt fruit & a felt grocery bag to go with it.  :)

 Cute sweater for me from Ruddicks.  :)

 Gretchen helped the kids make a hand print tree for Memaw & Papa.  :)

M&P opening a photo calendar from all of us!

Some of the kids showing off their cool stocking stuffers - wax lips!  :P