Monday, June 25, 2012

women's retreat

 On the weekend of April 20-22, a large group of women from our church retreated to Grove Christian Camp for the annual Women's Retreat.  I stayed in a cabin with my sisters & many of the ladies from the Moms of Grace Group at church.

Gretchen helped Kelly clear her bed of suspicious looking "dirt".  :P

 Our cabin
Gretchen, Darcy, Sidney, Jenn, Amy, Jill, Becca, Kelly, Brittany (I think?! I just met her & I think her name started with a "B"), & me.  :P

 Gretchen & Jill
I was one of the "official" photographers for the retreat & took almost 200 photos that weekend...which is partially to blame for why I took so long to blog this weekend.  I was a little intimidated by the idea of sorting through which photos I wanted to post.  :\

 Me & my mentor, Mary.

 Some brave mamas brought their small babies!  
Stephanie (with Matthew), Michelle (with Carson) & Katie (with Bridget)

 We have some very funny ladies who perform very funny skits at these retreats. 

 Kelly did a beautiful job speaking in front of so many women!

 We made washer necklaces during free time on Saturday & Becca was able to help a lot of us, since she's a pro!  :)

 We also did Zumba on Saturday & then went for a walk to the covered bridge.

 Stephanie & Matthew

 Looking good in our exercise clothes!

 Cheryl & Lindsey

 On Saturday night, we had some free time to eat dessert & play games. 

 We played Catch Phrase.

 Stephanie, Amy & Aimee

 Taking communion together.

The four Hecht girls!