Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday morning

I'm actually a bit surprised that it doesn't look as crazy in these photos as it feels in real life. We have a little house & it can feel so cluttered when a few toys are sprawled across the living room & family room. Luckily, they're pretty easy to pick up & the house doesn't look crazy for TOO long.

Oh, weekend. I always think I'll spend the whole time cleaning the messes we made during the week...then we realize on Sunday that the house is messier than it was when the weekend began. Life with small children...what can you do?? :)

cute moss

Yesterday we were raking some of the late-fall leaves (I know, it's a little late!) & Kenton called me over to look at the "cute moss." :P

It is pretty cute. Growing on our worn out fence that really needs to be replaced. But it still looks cute in pictures, in that antique, peeling paint sort of way!

I was playing around with the "up-close" setting on my camera & not really realizing that the range of focus is really small. Whatever. Good enough for "cute moss". :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


We've definitely hit that time of year where sunny days are hard to come by. I realized that I hadn't let Cedar feel grass since he had become more mobile. So on Thursday, I took advantage of the break in the clouds & took the boys outside!

Cedar doesn't look very impressed.

It was obvious that Cedar didn't really want to touch to cold, damp grass. :)

Finn got a kick out of blowing bubbles for his baby brother.

Such cool bubbles! You just squeeze the bottle & the wand pops up. Finn's hands still manage to get soapy, but I can usually manage a bubble session without messy hands! Nice!

Handsome boy.

Cedar likes the bubbles!

Finn likes chasing them too!

Ahhh...vitamin D!
He kept himself entertained with these bubbles for a LONG time. It was great fun!

Showing off his latest trick. He has mastered getting into the crawling position. He has yet to crawl in this fashion, but still manages to get around quickly with his army crawl. On this day, Cedar actually pulled up to standing at Kevin & Outi's house! He showed off that new trick for Kenton & I once we got home from work.

Oops, I wish my shadow wasn't on his face. Oh, well. :\

It all goes so quickly! I can't believe he's getting so big! He can sit by himself for several minutes & has pulled himself into the sitting position a few times lately.

I really love the mobile stage. I know that this means he can get into everything. But I loved it when Finn started walking. I'm going to enjoy the non-walking stage as much as possible because once the start walking, they never stop! What a great spring & summer this will be!

matthew's baby shower

On Saturday, January 23rd, Georgia (the director of EEP) let us throw a baby shower for our co-worker Matthew. His wife is expecting baby #3 in mid-February!

Cedar joined me & Kenton while Finn stayed with Kevin & Outi. He's keeping a close watch on the funny stork pen that everyone used to write their bets on the weight of baby Danika.

Tamy, Shirley, Becca, Angie & Georgia

The proud parents
Matthew & Cassie

A classic self-portrait...with Cedar's head barely showing. :)

Everyone takes this betting game very seriously! I got in trouble for asking Cassie to repeat what she had already said about her previous baby's birth weight! Yikes! :P

It was pretty fun to our classroom to throw a baby shower for a girl baby. The previous 3 showers have either been for boys or a combined boy/girl shower, so they hadn't had a chance to decorate with PINK!

Our classroom went in together to get the bedding set that Matthew & Cassie had registered for.

Matthew, posing with baby Danika's card

Cedar spent quite awhile chasing after a HUGE balloon!

Sweet boy

The parents & the hosts
Tamy, Becca, Angie, Georgia, Cassie, Matthew, Stu, Jacque & Katrina

We all had a great time celebrating the life of baby Danika! We just can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Cedar is such a lucky little, baby boy to have TWO big boys to play with all the time! :) Kenton & Finn were crawling back & forth across the living room with him on this day...going after Finn's giant, stuffed dog "Obi Wan".

Finn got there first

Cedar looks a little cautious - not too sure about wrestling with such a big kid? :)

Finn moved on & Cedar had Obi Wan all to himself. He's starting to get up all his hands & knees more & more all the time. Won't be long before he's crawling quickly on all fours. :P (Sorry for all the blurry action shots - what's a mama to do with such busy boys??) :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bath time

Cedar was enjoying his bath...until Kenton brought the camera. Then he splashed himself in the face too many times & no longer wanted to be in the tub. But you can actually see his two tiny teeth in this photo, so I must share! :)

Cute "towel" hair!

Looking like a Chase baby?

Such a happy 8 month old! What a joy our little Cedar is to all of us. We love him so much!


On Monday, January 11th, we celebrated the 34th anniversary of my parent's move to Oregon. Every year we gather at Abby's Pizza (the first place they ate once they arrived at their destination) & enjoy pizza & spuds! Yumm! :)

All of the kids:
Cohen (4), Ronan (5), Griffin (3), Sadie (6), Tyler (9), Cedar (8 mos.) & Finley (3)

The whole group - just missing Erik. :(
When my parents moved, they only had baby Becca. Now we there are 16 of us (including Erik)!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the good stuff

On New Year's day, Cedar turned 8 months old!!

Figured out forward motion - now he's going, going, going...

A little help from the big brother - Finn likes to help Cedar chew on things. :)

Finn being "brave" (in his own words) :)


A few smiling photos...

...couldn't choose...

...he's just too sweet...
(Still can't really see his two new teeth poking through.)

...that smile makes you just feel SO special...

Watching Finn

I don't want to forget how much Cedar likes this coaster. Not sure what it is about it, but he definitely lets us know when he sees it - smiling, reaching, stretching, squawking (never really thought about the correct spelling of squawk - weird, huh?). :P

Kenton took over taking photos & made a deal with Finn: if Finn would make faces & pose for the camera, then he'd let Finn take some photos of him!

One of the least blurry shots by Finn! :D Ha ha!


This one makes us laugh!

Sure do love that kid!