Tuesday, June 30, 2009

day 2

I just love this outfit. It makes Cedar look like a baby from the 1940's or something. :) I realized he was nearly too big for it & I really wanted to get at least one use out of it. Sunday was the perfect opportunity, since it was a gift from one of the ladies at church.

Sweet smile.

After church, we went to a BBQ hosted by one of the families from my class in honor of us teachers. :) It was really fun to see Finn interacting with my students - he's getting to be such a social little boy & I love to watch him play with other kids. He had a good time with one of the older sisters, who was helping him shoot baskets. We had a lot of fun & I felt so comfortable I hanging out with the kids & parents from our class on a social level. :) We've got great families this year - I'm really going to miss our transitioning kids/parents!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

goodbye millers

Yesterday, Jon & Amy hosted a Goodbye party for Sandy, Nicole & Addi. Lots of people came to show their love for the Millers. It was a great day for playing outside & the kids had a great time together.

Amy, Emma (9 months), Katrina, Cedar (8 weeks), Nicole & Addi (1 year)
(We all had a baby within the last year)
We pretty much just hung out & pretended that they really aren't going anywhere. :) Sandy & Nicole have been in Eugene for almost exactly 5 years & we've been friends with them for almost that whole time. We've been in a small group together for at least 4 1/2 years & have gone from a group of married people without kids to a group of married people with 6 kids!

Finn, Macey & Ethan playing in the sand box.

Cute family - Sandy, Addi & Nicole
We're going to miss them SO much!

Sweet Addi (& a cute family portrait with Sandy in the background)!
She's changed so much in the last year...I can't imagine how quickly she will change after they move away. Thank goodness for blogland! :)

Carolyn with Cedar.
Gotta include a shot of the baby. ;)

"stay-cation" - day 1

Inspired by this, we decided to have a "stay-cation" (instead of a vacation) this week because Kenton is off work (& I'm only a little jealous that everyone in our extended family has been or is going on fun plane trips, over seas this June/July). ;) So on Day 1 of our stay-cation, Finn chose to go out to Ice Cream! Yumm! He got a strawberry ice cream cone!

Kenton called Uncle Brian & invited him to meet us. So, he was there...but I didn't get a good photo of him. Sorry Brian - it was fun eating ice cream with you, though! :) Cedar was there too but he didn't eat any ice cream. He just slept. Surprising, I know. :P

Finn had to choose between going to ice cream or going to the duck pond. But after finishing his ice cream he declared that he didn't want ice cream...he wanted to see the ducks. Bummer. :\ I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his pink ice cream, we'll just keep working on making choices.

Stay tuned for more fun adventures with our little Henry family!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

8 weeks old

Gretchen, Ronan & Griffin met us at our local park (Emerald Park) to check out their free lunch program. It was pretty crowded, but there was plenty of food for the kids. :)

Despite both boys expressions, Griffin loves his cousin Cedar. And Cedar loves him too! :)

Cedar & Aunt Gretchen.
Not sure what Cedar is pointing at - maybe he's pointing out Aunt Gretchen's dark tan from her recent trip to St. Thomas. That might explain the slightly unhappy (jealous) expression he's making. :P

Happy Finn!
He's been getting a kick out of playing "Don't smile..." with Mama. It's pretty hard not to smile when someone tells you not to smile. ;)

The boys spent awhile digging & building in the sand. I love how these boys play without fear of getting dirty. :P They sure do play well together.

Resting with Dad after getting home from work. I tend to give Cedar to Kenton when I want Cedar to wake up. He's still a sleepy eater & will fall asleep before I think he should be done. Just handing him to Kenton will often wake him up, but not today. Guess he was just too sleepy. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

summer break

On Wednesday, we played with the Chase kids at Memaw & Papa's house. School is out for summer break, so we got to spend time with Tyler & Sadie too! We all walked over to get free lunch at a local apartment complex - a local program provides free lunches for kids Monday through Friday (at many different locations throughout Lane County) during the Summer.

Finn & Cohen ate the apples that Papa put on their corn dog sticks. :)

Watching his cousins play.

Tyler rode his bike to lunch.

Cedar slept in the stroller the whole time. :)

Sadie scooted to lunch. :P

We stopped at the playground on the way home. Cohen showing us his sliding skills. :)

Finn has skills too!

Back at Memaw's house, I realized that Tyler & I almost have the same size feet. We could probably share shoes! It's so crazy how grown-up Tyler is looking lately. :P

Cedar is really starting to look different than Finn's baby photos. I've been realizing more lately that he has his own look...I guess he doesn't look identical to his brother. But you can still tell they're siblings. :)

Later that evening, we went to see Stu & Jacque's new house! It's really great & surrounded by big, beautiful trees. Congratulations friends!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

father's day

On Saturday, June 20th, we hosted the Hecht family Father's Day celebration. Kenton manned the barbeque & we all enjoyed the hamburgers, hot dogs, corn & salad! Very tasty! :) I borrowed these photos from Gretchen, after a camera/computer malfunction - such a bummer to lose all my photos from this fun day! :(

Papa & Cedar

The Fathers
Kenton, Aaron, Josh & Papa

We ate outside on our new patio furniture & on blankets.

It was great to see the kids playing well together & enjoying our backyard.

The card from the grandkids.

We gave Josh & Aaron 4 packs of squirt guns & they were a hit with the kids! :P

Papa with a photo collage of his grandkids.

The daughters.
We missed having Erik in town this year.

The daughters with our kids.
Becca, Cohen, Sadie, Papa, Tyler, Cedar, Finn, Katrina, Griffin, Gretchen & Ronan

The Fathers with their kids.

Kenton with his boys - such a special Father's Day with a brand new, baby boy.

For Kenton's Father's Day, he wanted to go see UP! We decided to go for it, since Cedar continues to be pretty quiet & mellow. It ended up being really fun. Kenton & I laughed out loud, Finn sat through the whole movie with the occasional smile & Cedar snoozed & grunted a few times. He cried out at the very end, but I just cuddled him & he quieted down. :)

After the movie, Finn & Cedar napped while Kenton & I planted some shrubs in our front yard - definitely not Kenton's favorite thing to do, but it had been needing to be done for a few weeks. He was a good sport & it went really fast. Plus, it looks great! :) Kenton was rewarded for his hard work with pizza for dinner from Mezza Luna & a Blizzard to share from DQ. Yumm! It was a fun day & I think Kenton enjoyed his special day.

And here's a smile to brighten the day! What a sweetie. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

silver falls

Today Kenton took the day off so we could go to Silver Falls with Kenton's parents, Brian, Aunt Lindy, Isaac & Genevieve.

Isaac, Genevieve, Brian & Lindy walking under the South Falls.

My little cave monsters. :)

Kevin pushing our stroller & Outi snapping photos.

Checking the map.

South Falls

Anyone know the name of this berry? Cloud berry & Salmon berry were two suggestions. I ate one...it didn't taste ripe...but I don't know what it's supposed to taste like. :P

I thought this looked like a hobbit hidey hole.

Cool roots.

Finn on the cool roots.
(Photo by Outi)

Everything was so bright green!

Lindy, Isaac, Finn, Genevieve, Kevin, Brian, Cedar, Kenton, & Katrina
(Photo by Outi)

Self-portrait. :P

I fed Cedar a bottle during the hike

Daddy burping Cedar

Mama burping Cedar
(Photo by Outi)

I like the way the trees come together & arch over the path.

One of our first family portraits. I set this up on a picnic table with the timer & am so pleased with how it turned out. I love my family!

One more for good measure & look what we got: a smile from Cedar!
Finn's looking away, but Cedar's expression is so sweet. :)

My sweet baby boy. He did so well. Both boys did so well. We had a great time, great weather & everything looked so beautiful. After our hike, we were all starving. We drove out of our way to eat at McMenamins! So yummy. Also, Finn went to sleep tonight better than he has in a long time! He told us he was tired - I guess so. :) What a big day!