Monday, October 27, 2008

sneak peek

We went to have Finn's portraits taken at JC Penney, since his 2nd birthday is right around the corner (next week?!). It was crazy, trying to keep him still & get him to smile. But somehow, they managed to get a few cute shots of our sweet boy.


This one cracks me up.
We didn't actually order any prints of this shot, but it sure is silly!

What a big kid! I sure can't believe we are the parents of a nearly 2 year old. Time flies, of course. He's really been blowing us away with his ever increasing vocabulary. His latest favorite thing to say (or ask) is "Wha' ya doin', Mama?" Really. He amazes me!

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing more from our lovely photo shoot, go to and enter the following:

Customer Name: KATRINA HENRY
Access Code: LTPP0204108017JCP

The first half of the photos are examples of different specialty prints we could order.
The last half are the unaltered versions. We ordered prints of P7, P10, P12, P13, & P19
in case you're curious. Enjoy! He's a silly but sweet boy! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

big news

So, I figured it was about time to get back to blogging after such a long absence. I'm getting so very behind on all that's happening in our lives & it's about time I made an official announcement that I'm going to have a baby! :) We are so very excited to be expecting our second child & can't wait to experience the new baby stage all over again!
(our baby bean is laying on it's back in the photo with it's head on the left, feet on the right - for those who may struggle with understanding an ultrasound image) :P

This was taken at my first doctor appointment on October 6th. I was 9 weeks pregnant then & now I am 11 weeks - on Thursday, I will be 12 weeks or 3 months along. My due date is May 7th, 2009 but I will be scheduling a C-section about a week before that date. I am excited to find out if we are having a boy or a girl, but I have to wait until December 12th! I know time will zip by during those holiday months, but it feels like a very long time to wait. :)

Anyway, please keep our growing family in your prayers! We are in the process of getting our new house ready with new paint, carpet, tile, etc. We're hoping to move in before Finn's 2nd birthday (November 6th) but that all depends on when the carpet can be installed. So for now, we wait, while working on the house & staying with Kenton's parents. It has been really nice to be with family & to have Brian back in town. There are always extra eyes on Finn, which has been so helpful...especially as I am not always feelings 100%. So far, I've just been feeling vomiting. Yay! :) I will keep everyone posted as my pregnancy progresses & will try to post before & after photos of our new house as soon as possible.

visiting portland

On Saturday, October 11th, we drove to Portland & stayed with my Aunt Robin & Uncle Truls. We were in town to visit our college friends, Lauren & Tom, but were able to help celebrate Aunt Robin's birthday! It was fun to stay with the Neals & to get to visit with my cousins, Hannah & Elle. Finn really enjoyed playing with them & fell in love with their dog, Tivi. :)

On Sunday, there was a wedding shower for Tom & Lauren, who are getting married in the Bay Area next May. Margie & Casey hosted the shower & we visited with friends from college while Finn played with their daughter, Mabel. We don't all get to see each other very often, so it was a great chance to help celebrate Tom & Lauren's engagement. It was also a really good opportunity for Finn to get to know them again. The last time we saw them was almost a year ago, so he's changed quite a bit since then.

Lauren & Tom were subjected to a little bit of mild embarrassment. :) Margie & Casey quizzed them on how well they know each other. This was Lauren's answer to the question "Who is the worst driver?"

This was Tom's answer! :)

Finn joined Mabel in playing dress-up. I think he would fit right in at the Eugene Saturday Market! :P

Queen Mable & Kung Fu Master (?) Finn
What fun!

detering orchard

On Saturday, October 4th, we went to Detering Orchard with our friends Carolyn & Jesse. We just expected to go and have some apple cider & maybe pick out a pumpkin, but there was a whole celebration going on! They had free samples of apple cider & apple crisp with ice cream + free wagon rides through the farm. We ended up staying for a while & having a great time!

I was especially happy to have Kenton around this weekend because he was gone the previous weekend on a trip to Alaska. He flew up last Friday & then drove down with his brother, Brian. They made great time & got home in just 3 days, but Finn & I really missed him!

Finn kept himself entertained on the hay bales while we waited for our turn on the wagon ride.

We got on the wagon just as it really started to rain.

Jesse & Carolyn

Happy Finn.
Just about 23 months old!

Our beautiful horses + the cool wagon driver that was cheerful, despite the weather.

Emma Leann

On Friday, September 26th, our friends Jon & Amy welcomed their 3rd child into the world. On Saturday, Gretchen & I went to visit sweet, little Emma. She even opened her eyes for us!

I like that you can see Amy, smiling in the background...relaxing with a cool wash cloth on her forehead. :)

Emma & me.

Congratulations, Jon, Amy, Ethan & Macey. She's such a great addition to your family!