Saturday, February 19, 2011

valentine's day

I had some special gifts to give to my two, very sweet Valentines.

Both boys got their very own Pee Wee (mini) Pillow Pets! Apparently, these are big with kids these days.

Finn has been wanting a regular sized Pillow Pet for a few months & we couldn't bring ourselves to buy one, since he already has a giant, soft, stuffed animal that he sleeps with. But I couldn't resist the little ones.

My Valentines
Cedar with his dolphin (I named it Dol-Finley :P) & Finn with his hippo (named Spike Knife Head - guess who named that one!)

Kenton & I were able to meet up after I got off work & go out to lunch. My gift to Kenton (Don Draper inspired pajamas) got delivered while I was at work, so I was able to swing home & pick it up before picking up Kenton. Nice timing!

We ate at Sweet Basil - I love Thai food!

I get the same thing every time - House Special Curry. A little too spicy this time. :\

Pad Thai for Kenton. SO tasty!

For dinner, we got a "heart-shaped" pizza from Papa's Pizza, but on the way home Finn fell asleep. But Cedar seemed to enjoy his special, Valentine's day dinner with us. :) We had a low-key evening & enjoyed being lazy & watching some shows. A good Valentine's Day!

malia's shower

On Saturday, January 29th, I had the honor of attending Malia's baby shower. It was so wonderful - an Italian lunch, homemade by her mom & aunt. You could taste the love! ;) I was so glad to be there! :P

I was asked to bring a dessert to share & this recipe was a huge hit! So many compliments. Thanks for sharing, Ang! :)

Lots of yummy desserts...I tried many of them! :P

We can't wait to meet baby Genevieve!

homemade pretzels

We tried a homemade pretzel recipe & were quite pleased. I was sold when I read "easy" & "no-knead". My kind of dough recipe!

We had a picnic style meal with cheese sauce & a frosting dipping sauce.

The kids gobbled up the frosting, of course, but Kenton & I really liked the pretzels with the cheese sauce. Definitely a recipe we'll try again!

saturday morning

We got an early start on a car cleaning project this morning. It was so cold though & the boys lasted a long time, despite icy fingers. Finn tried to give Cedar a ride on his big wheel but just couldn't get going with the extra weight. :) Also, Finn loved working the shop back. It was a little hard for us to not step in & do it more quickly! Luckily Finn let us take turns. :P
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

more gymnastics

On the last Friday of my winter break, I took Finn & Cedar to Bounce Gymnastics, using a gift certificate we had received for Christmas.

The boys loved it!

However, I was silly & went by myself...

...of course they would want to go in opposite directions. Why would I expect them to stick together in a huge, open gym. :P

I managed to keep them together for a bit while Finn built a balance beam path for Cedar.

Finn has had so much practice lately, he's a pro!


The next day, we ALL went to Finley's friend Aurora's 4th Birthday party at another gym in town!

All of the cousins were there too! Which also meant, I had lots of interested helpers for Cedar. :)

Way up high!

Cedar liked the foam pit, as long as someone was close by to help when he needed it.

More practice with the beam.

Kenton showed us all up on the rings...I'm pretty sure he was paying for it the next day. :P

Time for snacks & cake!

The lovely birthday girl, Aurora.

Cedar looks like such a big kid in a real chair. :)

Yummy - strawberry cupcakes!

Finn likes to stick close to the action when presents are involved.

All of the kids! What a big group. Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party, Aurora. We ALL had LOTS of fun! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

photo booth

A fun new app on my phone. Love Cedar's silly tongue. :P
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

found a frog

Papa found a frog & let the boys check it out for awhile. It was so pretty & tolerated more than I would expect from a wild frog. Must've been cold. ;)
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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Kickball with Memaw & Papa in the cold, winter air. Tyler on stilts. Cedar joined in. I watched. :)
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

move to Oregon anniversary

Every year, we celebrate the day my parents moved to Oregon with baby Becca with dinner at Abby's pizza. This year was a bit belated, but fun as always...just missing Erik. :/
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first trip to the dentist

Finn was a little nervous about his first visit to the dentist. But the dentist & hygienist both were so great with him. Afterwards he told me he was scared that the dentist was going to take his teeth out. :( Thankfully, he came away from the experience very happy & excited about his bouncy ball & light up tooth brush! :)
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