Friday, November 28, 2008

happy thanksgiving

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving at my parent's house. It was just our family this year, so it actually felt like a smaller group than it has the past few years.

Memaw & Papa carving the turkey & preparing the stuffing! Yumm!

Our little family.

Here's one of the first shots of my little pregnant belly. I am 17 weeks (4 months & 1 week) & I get to find out the sex of our baby in 2 weeks! We can't wait! :)
(Disclaimer - this was after eating our Thanksgiving dinner, so I don't think my belly normally looks quite that big!) :P

The family
Josh, Griffin, Gretchen, Mom, Ronan (peeking between my parents), Erik, Papa, Katrina, Kenton, Sadie, Finley, Tyler, Aaron, Cohen, & Becca.

My parents with their 6 grandchildren
Tyler, Cohen, Griffin, Sadie, Tyler & Finn

After dinner at my parents, we went to Kenton's grandparent's house to hang out...& to eat a little more. :) Finn especially liked the cranberries! He licked the plate clean! :P

The family
Kenton, Katrina, Finn, Breanna (Kenton's cousin), Papa Lew, Nana Lee (Marylee), Mummi (Outi), Pappa (Kevin) & Brian

And here's a photo from this morning....
Finn relaxing while watching his favorite movie (his only movie) Wall-E.
He usually watches for about 30 minutes before he needs to start wiggling around. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

two year check-up

Today was Finn's 2 year check-up with his doctor. I was pretty impressed with how well he did in the waiting room & then again while we were with the doctor & nurse. The nurse asked him to walk over & stand on the scale to be weighed & he walked right over like such a big kid. He stood on the scale & weighed 29.6 lbs - in the 70th percentile. Then she tried to get him to stand against the wall to measure his height. He kept trying to look up at the nurse or turn around. Then he started standing on his tip toes to make his head touch the measuring device. :P She ended up having him lay down on the table to measure him. He is 36.75 inches - 3 feet tall! That's the 95th percentile! Such a tall boy. :)

He sat very still while the doctor checked his ears & mouth & listened to his lungs. He's been fighting off a cough for the last week & the doctor could hear wheezing in his lungs. So, he prescribed Albuterol to help clear him out. Good thing he likes taking medicine. He had Finn walk across the room, which wasn't a problem for Finn & then I asked Finn to show the doctor how he can jump. His doctor said most 2 year olds don't jump as well as he does! We're so proud of our busy boy. :)

It was a good check-up, but we'll be going back in a couple weeks to get a flu shot...couldn't do it today because of his cough. Finn didn't have to deal with any shots this time & that made him a happy camper.

Friday, November 7, 2008

happy birthday finn!

We celebrated Finn's 2nd Birthday with a party at our new house. We had just moved in 2 nights before his big day, but we managed to get our furniture in place & kept everything else hidden in closets & the garage. :)

Sweet baby Addi & mama Nicole

Finn did fairly well, for a two-year old. He was not excited about any of the other kids touching his brand new toys...but we only had a few tantrums. ;) It has been a very long time since we have bought him any new toys, so I understand why it was tough for him. But we will be working on sharing now. :P

Our big gift to Finn, along with Mummi & Pappa Henry, was a play kitchen! He was pretty excited. All the kids surrounded it instantly, so we were pleased with ourselves. :)

Cohen's expression is great!

Finn's busy cooking something yummy!

Finn's great grandparents gave him his favorite gift of the evening - a ride-on backhoe. What could be better than that for our boy. He's been obsessed with backhoes for quite some time now. This was one thing that he had a really hard time sharing. :) Such a cool gift!

Finn has been talking about his cake for a couple weeks's probably his favorite food. :P It was pretty tasty!

All of his friends & cousins, minus Addi who had already left.
Ronan, Griffin, Ethan, Cohen, Tyler, Emma, Sadie & Macey with Finn protecting his backhoe, front & center. :)

All of the kids had scary teeth in their party favor bags. It was pretty funny!





Every Halloween, the teachers in my class dress up for our Halloween party. I almost whimped out this year because I had so much going on, but I went to Goodwill the night before & threw a costume together. Turned out ok! :)
Left to right: Matthew as Charlie Brown, Tamy as a bunny, Katrina as Little Red Riding Hood (my basket didn't make it into the photo), Jacque as a pirate, Becca as a fairy princess, & Angie as a University of Oregon Duck's fan! :P

Halloween night, getting ready for Trick-or-treating. Finn as a ninja!

Kenton was a wizard (another last minute costume, except he's has his costume since middle school!) with Finn the ninja & Little Red Riding Hood! :)

We stopped at my parent's house and met up with all the cousins.
Griffin as Peter Pan, Sadie as Tinkerbell, Ronan as Captain Hook, Tyler as a Spider, Finn, & Cohen as a Spider too!

Don't forget the mamas & the dads! Josh was dressed as a mummy for his 2nd EWEB Halloween Dance & Aaron was dressed as Indiana Jones. I think everyone as Aaron's place of employment dressed according to a certain theme, but I missed the complete explanation. Becca had a cool spiderweb dress & cape, complete with little spiders & Gretchen was wearing a cool, light up, spider shirt. :)

It was pretty fun to hear Finn attempt to say "Trick or Treat!" & he definitely was into the treats! I'm trying to limit the sweets, but it's a little hard this time of year. ;)

Check back soon for pictures from Finn's birthday party. Maybe some before pictures of the house too, to go along with the pictures from the party at our new house...