Friday, July 29, 2011

birthday party

On Saturday, July 23rd, Kenton invited our family & friends over to celebrate my 30th birthday. He did a great job of delegating food items to some of our guests so that I wouldn't have to prepare a bunch of appetizers! Thanks to those who brought food - that was so nice! I did prepare some bruschetta that ended up being pretty popular. It was so yummy the next few days, as well! :)

We really enjoy having a big back yard, especially in the summer. In the evenings, it's nicely shaded & feels great when the weather is warm. I was lucky & got another sunny day on my party day (we've had such unpredictable weather this summer).

One of my only requests for my birthday bash was that I wanted to have mojitos! It's the first drink that I ever really liked & didn't try to just tolerate. Also, we make them with coconut rum & they're SO tasty! I was excited to share them with Amy, who feels very similarly to me about alcohol, & even more excited that she liked them too! :)

Kenton asked Finn what he wanted to get me for my birthday & he said, "A dress!" So Kenton took him shopping & they picked the above dress out together. Such great taste! I love it. :)

Paris themed watercolor prints from my mom. :)
They look quite nice in our bedroom, on either side of the bed.

I made a quick birthday "crown" for myself, inspired by these.

Mom & Papa

Cute babies & mamas

After I opened the gifts that were wrapped, my dad told me to close my eyes while he brought out this unwrapped gift!

My parents & siblings all went in together on a cruiser bike! I was super excited & even got teary eyed (big dork!) because I'd been wanting one for a while now. I had asked my dad to keep an eye out on Craigslist for a cruiser for me, knowing that he looks at bike listings often.

He was able to find the perfect bike, in perfect shape, just in time for my 30th!

I like this photo (despite the light bulb coming out of my mouth) because Kenton & I were laughing together about how I started to cry when I saw the bike. I'm a dork!

Kenton made a Coconut cake for me, following one of his co-workers' recipes. It was so good & everyone agreed! Can you tell I have a thing for coconut?! :P

My lovely sisters!
We missed you, Erik...thanks for the bike, though! ;)

Kenton cut the cake & Colin helped serve it. My mom also brought a rhubarb pie! Mmmm...

Kenton started a fire in our fire bowl - yay for using it for the second time! :P

It was getting cool enough outside that the fire felt nice.

I was really glad that it started to get dark before the party was over. I always want to be outside to enjoy the party lights, but we rarely gather with friends outside in the evenings. It's so pretty; I don't know why we don't?

Kenton played a VHS tape of my first birthday before the party wound down. It was such a great evening - I really had a lot of fun! Thank you to all who were able to attend. You really made my 30th birthday feel special. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

a big birthday

On Wednesday, July 20th, I had a big that was quite difficult for me. Still is. :| I turned 30. And it just sounds weird. But difficult or not, it was still my birthday & worth celebrating. :P

My boys were eager to give me my gifts before we had to leave for work.

Cedar looks a bit more excited than Cedar, wouldn't you say? ;)

Kenton took the afternoon off work & my mom watched our boys for a bit longer so that we could go to lunch!

We ate at Marche & were not disappointed! I was especially happy that the sun decided to shine on my birthday - we were able to eat outside! :)

We both ordered the Steak Frites, because it is so delicious!

After lunch, we picked up the boys & then went shopping at some local nurseries & farms. I picked out some flowers to plant in my yard & was able to work in the garden for a bit before dinner.

We went to dinner at El Torito & cashed in on "Kids Eat Free" Wednesdays. :)

It was a great choice for us to go to as a family!

Finn worked hard on the activity sheet!

Both boys enjoyed getting specials drinks with their free meals. They even got a dessert! What a deal. :)

A balloon artist came by & made blue swords for the boys.

He even made some extras in case one popped!

I noticed the people that were eating outside were getting a kick out of the sword fight that immediately commenced once we stepped out the door. :)

It was a great day, full of fun with my boys. Couldn't ask for more!

lincoln city

On Sunday, July 10th, we drove to Lincoln City where Tom & Lauren were vacationing with their family! So fun to get to see our friends (whom we hadn't seen in over 2 years) twice in one week! :)

Lauren's whole family was staying together in a beautiful beach house. Her 3 siblings have 3 boys, so Lauren & Tom took their nephews to the beach with us. We had 5 boys, ages 4 & under. :)

I'm almost certain Cedar had never felt the ocean before. We felt pretty guilty that we hadn't brought our boys to the Oregon coast before...

We did bring Finn when I was pregnant with Cedar, but it was a much colder day then. On this day, we had beautiful blue skies, warm sun & no wind! So lucky!

Tom & Finn getting themselves stuck!

Run away! The water is freezing!

Little Tennyson was the youngest of the group but just by a few days. He was born 4 days after Cedar!

Dylan is the oldest of the Usher cousins. He was born about a month later than Finn.

Beautiful day in Lincoln City!


Cedar & Brayden.

Dylan & Finn had a lot of fun running in the waves together. They were so sweet to watch!

Proof that I was there. ;)

Snack time with Auntie Lauren!

Back at the beach house, all five boys (+ Kenton) in the hot tub!
Brayden, Tennyson, Dylan, Finley & Cedar

Kind of a silly expression on Finn's face, but I wanted to remember how sweet these two boys were. They gave each other hugs when it was time for us to head home. :)

We stayed long enough to watch Mega Mind. It was just what these boys needed after playing so hard on the beach. We ate dinner on the way home & Cedar promptly fell sound asleep. :) Thanks for much for inviting us to come play! We had a blast.

visit with the switzers

On Wednesday, July 6th, we met up with the Ruddicks, Greens, Chases & my parents to hang out with Matt Switzer & his family at Emerald Park. Matt used to live in Eugene & is a family friend. His family was in town visiting from Iowa!

Cedar & Cadia are just a few weeks apart in age. :)

Cedar, Cadia & Matt

Uncle Josh managed to gather a crowd of kids - some from our group & some random kids. :P

This boy was having SO. MUCH. FUN! :)

Matt & Jessie's older daughter, Claire.

Silly boys. I like this photo.

Running Ethan!

Gretchen, baby Tate & Jessie

Jon & Ronan

Matt, Amy & Jessie

Running Macey!
I didn't intentionally only capture photos of the Green kids fact, I don't think I managed to get a good shot of Emma. :\

The oldest Switzer kid, Cameron with sister, Claire.

The whole Switzer family

Thanks for making time for a picnic & playing at the park with us! It was great to visit & so fun for all the kids to play together. :)